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Opened: 11/1/03
staff: 2 members
sections: 55 pages
layout by: Candybum

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LOG ON: 8 February 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: ( O Y O )

Entry: People who have trouble with html can get help from my html tutorials. Free banners/buttons/layouts will be out soon.later.

LOG ON: 7 February 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: <^-^>

Entry: err....all the .Of The Month are up.
umm yea...tru...heeey, never mind. Oh yea bye.

LOG ON: 4 February 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: =D

Entry: You'll be happy to know that this site is very nearly finished. All the humor section is up. Multimedia etc will take me a long time to upload. Is that a plane...Is it a bird...neh its me saying "bye."

LOG ON: 4 February 03
ID: Ezadj
Subject: One other review.

Entry: Hey this ezadj just adding another review (Marvel vs. Capcom II)...if anyone has questions about my reviews and need help with the game just e-mail me....Cya

LOG ON: 1 February 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: Dragonball Complete

Entry: Well i have finaly finished the whole Dragonball section. **phew** Im going to add more sections after i have finished everything. Like some Movie reviews maybe ?
Time to go bye.

LOG ON: 31 January 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: ....

Entry: Just a brief update.
I have changed the banner for the Rugby2001 game review...that is all.

LOG ON: 30 January 03
ID: Ezadj
Subject: Jokes.

Entry: I was browsing the net when i came across some jokes. I decided to put them on the site. If it isnt funny to you, just learn to have a sense of humor. cya

LOG ON: 29 January 03
ID: Ezadj
Subject: My first review.

Entry: Hey my fans, sorry i have not been adding content or updating, i've been...busy. Well anyway i wrote my first review, to check it out click here. Well thats all from me ezadee. Later.

LOG ON: 28 January 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: Nothing speical.

Entry: More info added...all done up to about the Races/Species.
And Dammit Ezadj, your lazy bugga do something !!! dammit, mom needs the phone byebye.

LOG ON: 27 January 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: A boring day.

Entry: **yawning**...all the info is done up to the Character bios. All the main nav is up. Osama bin laden jokes are up, and my rugby2001 game review. Well im off now. bye buh.

LOG ON: 26 January 03
ID: CandyBum
Subject: FINALLY

Entry: Well i have finally figured out this ssi this is done. A few of the links work. Hope y'all enjoy themm.
btw bookmark us !!
And OMG... they are actually making a live dbz movie, why did i just find out now ?

"The heroes from your favorite series are headed to the big screen. 20th Century FOX announced the acquisition of feature film rights to the “Dragon Ball” property, and is planning for its studio division, FOX 2000, to develop a live action movie based on the property." Thats from the Damn i heard that Jackie chan might play vegeta...well he was most voted to anyways. Im so excited, i just cant hide it.

Trunks: Leonardo DiCaprio
Goku: Robin Shou
Android 18: Cameron Diaz
Vegeta: Jet Li
Krillin: Mini Me
Master Roshi: Dana Carvey
Chi Chi: Elizabeth Hurley
Bulma: Nicole Kidman
Piccolo: Wesley Snipes
Frieza: Vin Diesel
Gohan: Keanu Reeves

I found that on some site, some actors i think deserve their place there.
well thats all from me. Ill keep ya posted.

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