Steve Heivly

Age ----- 17

Years Skating ----- 4

Residence ----- Allentown, PA

Setup ----- Salomon Vinny Mintons w/ murda reign liners and black 2nd gen GC frames

Steve is amazing. i have been skating with him forever since we started. when watching him skate you will be amazed at his ability to anything switch and regular with ease. everytime i skate with him it seems as if he learned 40 new tricks. he is constantly progressing and ill never doubt him on doing something cause hes incredable. picture him as the miracle man, he is there to make shit happen. he is prolly one of, if not the best mini ramp skater i have ever skated with. he can piss you off sometimes cause he makes something look so easy and yet its soo difficult. hes nuts and ill prolly be skating with him til we are 40 years old-zb