It was me and jon at about 12:00 at my house just skating my rails. We headed up to the apartments by my house to skate a new ledge we found and had a nice chill session there. Tricks not in pics include topacid, tru topsoul, tru savannah, and inspin topsoul on the ledge [Jon] and drift front farv, soul to fakie, and gap to acid drop to fall [me].

After about an hour at the ledge we went back to my house, got lunch, then went to emmaus. First spot was lincoln. We couldnt think of what to do so we waxed up the steps and tried to cess slide them. This resulted in frustration and bruised hands.

Once the beating from the steps was over we went to dentist rail for some reason but nothing happened. We then went to Exxon and ritas for food and drinks. Then we headed for cess slide spot but stopped at an exclusive rail with a 4 stair gap at the end. Turns out tho that we only skated the steps and the wall right next to them. Some guy yelled at us for kicking a water faucet to make it spew out water. The cess slide spot was overrun by cars so we went to another exclusive spot with a PVC handrail. Some creative stuff went down there. Then we went to rodale only to discover something sad. The left hand side rail was completely gone! Either someone stole it or the rodale peeps took it down. Not too much else went down there tho. We went to that ledge by library rail then to do some spins and shizzle then to cookie monster where we skated for like 2 hours. Tricks not in pics include royale jump over knob royale, and royale 450 out [jon] and front farv jump over knob front farv, cabdriver, and front farv wrap savannah [me].