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This is the secondary site for the Victor House. This site will have all the new pictures from everything that happens at our house, but will serve mainly as a secondary source page. The main Victor House page will have all the newest updates, so continue to check there.
Last updated 1/27/05 NEW PICTURES

This site is the new site where pictures will be linked to from the main site. I will mainly use this site just to store the pages and link them back to our main site, so just check at the original Vicor House page for updates.

Birthday party for Chaske FRIDAY, January 28th- TOMORROW. Everyone's invited; b.y.o.b., come anytime after 830. More pictures to come; keep checking back.


NEW New Year's Party: Part 2
NEW 1.21.05 Beer Pong
New Year's Eve Party
Random December Pics
10.30.04 Halloween Party
10.29.04 Costume Party
Various Others 4
10.18.04 Page 2
Various Others 3
Hanging Out 10.4.04
Various Others 2
Various Others1
10.16.04 Page 2
10.16.04 Page 1

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