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Connecticut's Cold Cases

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A Cowardly Act of Murder

Zachs in the late 1980s What Zachs might look like today In August of 1989, A jury took 2 hours to convict Adams Zachs for the murder of 29 year old Peter Carone outside the Prospect Cafe in West Hartford. Carone and Zachs had been sitting watching a basketball game when an argument between the two, who had just met turned heated. Zachs challenged the older Carone to take a step outside. According to witnesses, Carone did not want to fight but stepped outside the bar with Zachs. Minutes later, Carone decided to walk back into the bar. He never made it as he was shot in the back in a cold blooded act of murder. After being sentenced to 60 years in prison, Zachs was allowed out on bail pending his appeal He never went to his appeal as he soon disappeared and the FBI and police have been looking for him ever since. It is believed that Zachs may either be in Israel or in Mexico. He is described as being in his early forties, white, 5'4", around 140 lbs. He has dark hair and blue eyes. He may or not have a beard. If you have seen Adam Zachs please call the FBI tip line at 1-800-435-1284. There are rewards totaling 100 thousand dollars if Zachs is captured and brought to rightful justice.


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