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Artists and poets are often the mouthpieces for others that can't or don't speak up. Music entertains on so many levels. The debut album from TerrySutton Conspiracy seeks to entertain and challenge it's listeners with viewpoints they may or may not agree with. The songs vary in musical style from blues, to rap, to hip hop to Mid-Eastern. The album "Cynical and Bitter in the U.S. of A", meshes spoken word with music in a unique way.

The world is in interesting times right now. Dictators and oppressive regimes have fallen in the Middle East, only time will tell if they are replaced by peaceful or more violent regimes. Here in the United States, people have begun protesting against excessive greed and wrongdoing committed by some on Wall Street. These protests of course followed those of the Conservative Tea Party who were upset by excessive spending by the US Government. We are living in interesting times.

So come on in and listen to the Conspiracy. You can hear our songs for free here.

This song does not glorify drug or alcohol use. If you or anyone you know has an addiction issue and need help.  Please visit

A Video about one of America's most notorious and hated Gossip Columnists, Perez Hilton.



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