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    Featured Cold Cases of the Month

    Justice in 1988 Murders of Two Young Girls Still Remains Elusive

    Seven year old Michelle Norris was found murdered on May 30, 1988 on a wooded hill behind Brook Street. The young girl had gone missing four days prior from outside of the Captain G. Harold Hunt Elementary School in the small city of Central Falls. Norris had been beaten, raped and then suffocated to death. Sadly Michelle was not the only young Rhode Island girl to be a victim of homicide that year. Ten year old Christine Cole of Pawtucket was found murdered on Februrary 28th on the beach at Conimicut Point in Warwick. She had been reported missing on January 6th, two months prior after she had gone to a nearby supermarket that afternoon. Her murder is also unsolved. If you have any information about the Michelle Norris cases please call the Rhode Island State Police at (401) 721-2622 or (401) 721-2618. For any information relating to the Christine Cole, please call Pawtucket Police Department Detectives Donti Rosciti at 401-727-9100 extension 737. Or you can call Dave Silva at 401-727-9100 extension 760.

    Featured Cold Cases of the Month

    Cold Case of Woman's Murder Leaving Bar Escapes Justice

    On February 28, 1978, 23 year old Julie Campbell was stabbed to death as she walked towards her residence on 25 Ellery Street in Cambridge. She had just left a bar called Plough & Stars, which was loacted at 912 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge. There were two other unsolved murders in the area three years prior that could be related. Twenty-five year old Paul Pschick was stabbed to death by two would be thieves by his residence at 29 Lee Street on March 25, 1975. Within a week of his homicide, a forty-eight year old woman named Carol Peterson was stabbed to death in her apartment at 13A Ware Street. She had been a victim of robbery. In Campbell's murder, nothing was stolen from her. If you have any information about this case you are urged ti contact Tom Shamshak at 1-800-422-0944 or reach him via email at TShamshak@aol.com. For more details about this case please visit a website dedicated to her http://juliecampbellmurder.com/ Her family wants justice and answers.

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