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Social events hosted by Greek organizations must be registered and approved by the Greek Life Staff. Each Greek organization will be permitted to host 10 open events per semester. The date which the event takes place is at the discretion of the organization. The maximum number of registered events per night will be three (overall, not per organization). Filling open dates for events will be conducted on a “first come, first serve” basis. The event must be schedule by the Tuesday prior. There is no limit to how far in advance an event can be registered. The approved registration form must be posted on the house and must be visible from the street. (See event registration form)

If an organization uses ten events before the end of the semester, and wishes to host more, extra events may be requested (See event registration form). Approval of the request will be based on the chapters overall compliance with the Universities procedures and policies.

Social events that must be registered include:

If your social event meets any of these criteria, it must be registered:

Events that require a formal risk management structure (I.e. working shifts)
Events that are discussed or planned prior to implementation
Events that do not have a guest list
Events that are “open” to non-Greek members and require no official invitation
A reasonable persons standard

What kinds of events do not need to be registered?

Formal/date parties
Unplanned, small gatherings
Greek Week
Any event conducted during rush week

Sanctions for Unregistered social gatherings

Any organization hosting a social gathering that fits the requirements to be registered, but is not, will be in violation of the Social Event Policies. If the organization is accused of hosting an unregistered social event, it must first meet with the Greek life staff. At this meeting, the organization may waive their right to a trial and negotiate sanctions. However, the organization reserves the right to convene the judicial board for the purposes of assessing innocence or guilt (See Judicial Policies).



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