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Becoming involved with Greek Life at Rowan University can be a fun and exciting step in your life and can provide a myriad of opportunities such as; academic development, intellectual expansion, and life long friends and memories.

Greek organizations create an atmosphere that encourages members to broaden their horizons intellectually, academically, and socially. These organizations provide an environment that is conducive to the free exchange of ideas. Limitless intellectual exchanges help broaden ones understanding of themselves and the world around them. In addition, a vast majority of organizations offer a wide array of scholarships awarding academic excellence. These opportunities, along with tutorial assistance, show that the Greek Community at Rowan is committed to education.

While Greek organizations are committed to education, they also recognize their social responsibility. Greek life provides many opportunities for members to become involved in the surrounding community. Outreach programs like the “Big Event”, “adopt a highway” and food drives, are just a few of the many community service projects Greek organizations at Rowan are involved in. Participation in the various volunteer and philanthropic activities fosters a life long commitment to community service.

Fraternities and sororities maintain structured environments that allow someone to realize their true potential as a student and a person. The Greek environment is the perfect place for talent to flourish, abilities to sharpen, and friendships to grow. Our Greek community is incredibly social and interactive with each other. The networking possibilities are endless! Also, friendships and stories that you acquire in the short time you are in college become priceless memories.

Greek life is a rich and rewarding experience for those who choose to affiliate. This pamphlet is filled with important information that is necessary if you choose to explore what Rowan’s Greek system can offer you!

Good Luck!

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New Membership Guidelines
(Who Can Join?)

1. Any undergraduate, who is a full time matriculated student of Rowan University who pays activity fees, may be a member of a fraternity or sorority provided they meet the qualifications of the organization.

2. All fraternal groups at Rowan University are under the supervision of the University and the Student Government Association. The University and the Student Government Association reserve the right to suspend any fraternal group not observing rules and regulations.

3. Students are eligible for new membership when they have:
A. Attained a minimum GPA of 2.0
B. Have full-time matriculated student status
C. Earned 24 credits toward graduation
D. Completed all Basic Skills classes
* Students with less than 24 credit hours may be eligible for the freshman Membership program.

Freshman Membership Program - Spring Semester
Freshmen are eligible for new membership when they have:
A. Attained a minimum GPA of 2.5
B. Have full-time matriculated student status
C. Earned 12 credits toward graduation
D. Completed all Basic Skills classes

4. The name, address, and phone number of each new member must be submitted to Greek Life Staff prior to the start of each new membership program.

5. All organizations are not permitted to take more than six freshmen. However, any freshman that the organization invites to be a member, who’s GPA is 3.0 or higher, will not be included as one of the six. Organizations are permitted to extend membership to an unlimited number of freshmen that have attained at least a 3.0 GPA.

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New Member Bill of Rights Statutory Authority

The New Member's Bill of Rights has been developed by the Attorney General pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:3-24 et seq.

New Member
For the purpose of this New Member's Bill of Rights a pledge is defined as any student of the college/university attempting to become a member of a fraternity or sorority or other similar campus organization.

Acceptable Behavior
The new member initiation process should be conducted in a manner, which respects the dignity of new members and protects their mental and physical well being. Examples of acceptable behavior include new member activities that are not classified as hazing, promote scholarship, promote service, develop leadership and/or social skills, assist career goals, involve students with alumni, improve relations with others, build awareness of fraternity or sorority history, instill a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood, foster solidarity or otherwise promote the institutional mission of the host college or university.

Definition of Hazing

For the purpose of this New Member's Bill of Rights "hazing" shall mean:

1. As indicated, pursuant to New Jersey Statute:
a. A person is guilty of hazing, a disorderly persons offense, if, in connection with initiation of applicants to or members of a student or fraternal organization, he/she knowingly or recklessly organizes, promotes, facilitates or engages in any conduct, other than competitive athletic events, which places or may place another person in danger of bodily injury.

b. A person is guilty of aggravated hazing; a crime of the fourth degree, if he/she commits an act prohibited in subsection a. which results in serious bodily injury to another person.
Notwithstanding any other provision of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes to the contrary, consent shall not be available as a defense to a prosecution under this act.

Conduct constituting an offense under this Act may, at the discretion of the prosecuting attorney, be prosecuted under any other applicable provision of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes; and

2. Other behaviors or activities in addition to those prohibited under N.J.S.A. 2C:40 et seq. defined as hazing by a college or university with respect to its students.

Prohibition on Hazing
1. A new member shall have the right to be free of all activities which may constitute hazing while attempting to become a member of a fraternity or sorority or other campus organization. Campus organizations and their members are prohibited from engaging in or encouraging others to engage in activities that are defined as hazing.

2. A broad range of behaviors that may place another person in danger of bodily injury or behavior that demonstrates indifference or disregard for another person's dignity or well being may be classified as hazing under the above definition. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
Forced or required ingestion of alcohol, drugs, food or any undesirable substance.
* Participation in sexual rituals or assaults.
* Mentally abusive or demeaning behavior.
* Acts that could result in physical, mental or emotional deprivation or harm.
* Physical abuse, e.g., whipping, paddling, beating, tattooing, branding, and exposure to the elements.

Written Notification of Rights
Institutions shall require all fraternities, sororities and other similar campus organizations to provide all new members with a written Bill of Rights that includes the provisions set forth herein. The written Bill of Rights shall be signed by the new member and filed in the appropriate office of the institution.

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The following are examples of hazing by category. It is impossible to list all hazing activities, so this list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Each pledge activity can be measured against the definition for each category.

A. SUBTLE HAZING: Actions that are against accepted sorority or fraternity standards of conduct, behavior and good tastes. An activity or attitude directed toward a pledge or an act which ridicules, humiliates or embarrasses.

1. Never doing anything with the pledge(s)
2. Calling pledge "pledgie" or any other demeaning name
3. Silence periods for pledges
4. Any form of demerits
5. Initiates writing progress reports on pledges
6. Requiring pledges to call members Mr., Miss etc.
7. Scavenger hunts for meaningless objects
8. Phone duty or house duties, if only assigned to pledges
9. Requiring pledges to carry Pledge Handbook or paddles everywhere to get signatures
10. Scaring pledges with what may happen at initiation
11. Deprivation of privileges

B. HARASSMENT HAZING: Anything that causes mental anguish or physical discomfort to the pledge. Any activity or activity directed toward a pledge or activity, which confuses, frustrates or causes undue stress.

1. Verbal abuse
2. Any form of questioning under pressure or in an uncomfortable position
3. Requiring pledges to wear ridiculous costumes or perform ridiculous activities
4. Requiring only pledges to enter by back door or go up back staircase
5. Stunt or skit nights/events with demeaning and/or crude skits and/or poems


In accordance with the Student Government Association Constitution, the sororities and fraternities at Rowan University will afford equal opportunity for the participation of individuals regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, physical handicap, age, or sex. All fraternities and sororities will be treated equally by the Student Government Association and the University. The goals of individual sororities and fraternities may be directed towards assisting in the development of community projects for special interest groups.

New Member Bill of Rights

On the following page, the guidelines entitled as a "Bill of Rights" shall be adhered to by those who elect to become a new member of a fraternity or sorority at Rowan University and by all associated with the new membership activities. This Bill of Rights assures new members freedom from any form of irresponsible act or actions of individuals or organizations associated with new membership activities.

This document will reassure new members that the new membership activities and/or initiating services are educational in nature and that they serve to further the brotherhood/sisterhood associated with fraternal/sororal organizations.

Therefore, every new member shall know that he/she is not required or will be expected by those associated with new membership activities to submit to or partake in any form of activity which may endanger his/her life or health. The new member will not be expected to participate in any activity that may interfere with his/her physical or psychological well being.

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Each fraternity/sorority chapter chartered by the Student Government Association, just prior to each new membership program, are required to inform new members of the new membership program it plans to undertake. Also, the organization must provide a detailed outline describing the program itself to each new member. Each new member should be well informed of his/her responsibilities to their respective organizations.

The outline should include the following:

  • A description of the goals of the new membership program.
  • Information about the fraternity/sorority that the new members are required to learn.
  • Organization of the new membership class: plans for meetings, an indication of who is running the new membership program, new membership class officers, etc.
  • Plans for encouraging new membership scholarship, including the process for reviewing the new member's midterm progress, plans for tutoring, etc.
  • Plans for service projects.
  • Plans for fundraisers
  • Information regarding the approximate length of the new membership program.
  • A statement signed by the new members and appropriate organizational representatives signifying their understanding of the University's policy on fraternity/sorority new membership and the members "Bill of Rights."
  • A signed "Statement of Responsibility” from Fraternity and Sorority Presidents and Educators for New Membership and Initiation Programs. To be delivered to the Office of Residential and Campus Life no more than one week after the start of the program.


George Brelsford
Assistant Vice President for Residential
Life and Student Programs (856) 256-4266

Keith Wenrich
Assistant Director of the Recreation Center (856) 256-4914

Chris DeMayo
Graduate Coordinator for Greek Life (856) 256-XXXX

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