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Rowan University Alcohol Policy

Rowan University ’s alcohol policy in relation to Greek organizations is in conjunction with FIPG rules and regulations. Any questions with regard to the BYOB policy should first be directed to the FIPG manual. Any Greek organization that is recognized by Rowan University must abide by the following rules:

Section I: Basic Rules

A. Chapter may not use chapter funds to purchase alcoholic beverages.
B. Members may not pool their monies in “slush” funds to purchase alcohol.
C. Common sources of alcohol are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to kegs, party balls, wine in a box and any alcohol mixtures.
D. Beer is limited to one 6-pack per person entering the event. All beer must be in cans.
E. ALL glass containers are prohibited.
F. Members and guests of legal drinking age receiving a stamp or wristband should be only those who brought alcohol with them and checked it in with the host chapter.

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Section II: Verification of Ids/Age:

A. Attainment of proof of legal drinking age shall be the sole responsibility of the sponsoring A. Attainment of proof of legal drinking age shall be the sole responsibility of the sponsoring chapter(s) in accordance with New Jersey State Law.
B. Security must designate legal drinking age through the use of wristbands or unique hand stamps.
Note: Use of pens or markers is not recommended.

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Section III: Beverage Cards

A. Upon entering a party, alcoholic beverages must be checked in at the front door. The beverages will be given to a runner who will hand then a beverage card and take the beverage to the appropriate beverage bank after proper ID has been verified.
B. Members and guests of the host chapter(s) can check in their beverages in a similar manner prior to the start of the event.
C. A card will designate how many beverages an individual brought to the event. (Maximum of six.)
D. One hole punch shall be taken from the beverage card for each drink distributed at the beverage bank.

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Section IV: Beverage Bank

A. The bartender shall serve only those guests and members who have:
1. Attained the approved wristband designating that they are of legal drinking age.
2. Brought alcohol for themselves to the event.
B. The bartender shall serve no more than two beverages per person per trip to the beverage bank.
C. The bartender shall refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
D. Only those persons nineteen (19) years of age or older shall be permitted to serve operate bar/beverage bank.
E. Friends/associates/and/or new members are not permitted to serve or operate bar/beverage bank. It is the host chapter’s responsibility to ensure that this does not occur.
F. All chapters shall abide by the BYOB policy.
G. All alcohol related events must be enclosed in the chapter house and/or in a fenced in courtyard.
H. No members or guests may be permitted to gather outside of the facility, or beyond ropes or fences.

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Section V: Policy Violation/Greek Judicial Board

A. If a Greek organization is suspected to be in violation of the BYOB policy, they will be required to meet with the Greek Life Staff.
B. At this meeting, the chapter will have two options:
1. Waive their right to trial and negotiate sanctions.
2. Request a trial to determine innocence or guilt.
C. Judicial Board sanctions for a violation of the BYOB policy is located in the judicial section of the Greek Handbook.





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