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University Advisor – In order to qualify to be an advisor the candidate must be a full time employee of Rowan University . As an advisor you must be willing to work with a greek organization in the development of its membership as a whole. The matching of advisors to greek organizations are made with the help of the Office of Residential and Campus Life.

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The Purpose of Advisors

There are currently 26 Greek Organizations on campus, each with a member of the faculty or staff serving as advisor. These organizations provide a wide range of extra- and co-curricular activities and programs throughout the year that add to the flavor of student life on campus. Through their participation in these organizations and interaction with their faculty/staff advisors, students develop talents such as leadership, public relations, programming, time management and many other essential life skills that will assist them beyond graduation. Due to the fact that students run each organization, many times they find themselves in need of assistance or advice with regard to different types of issues and challenges. An advisor serves as a consultant/counselor for the students who make up these organizations. The goal of an advisor is to assist students in achieving their various goals. And provide sensible advice and guidance in times of confusion and need. An advisor assists in the students personal growth and membership as a whole.

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The Goals of Students & Advisors

The faculty/staff advisors play an integral part in assisting student leaders in running their organizations. Some goals that are pursued by both advisors and student members are:

Program Development
Involves planning, implementing, and supervising extra- and co-curricular activities and programs that are supportive of the educational mission of the University and provide participants with positive experiences beyond the classroom setting.

Organizational Development
Involves providing student leaders with experiences that will enable them to obtain organizational skills, capabilities, and knowledge preparing them for the world beyond the college or university.

Financial Development
Closely linked to Organizational Development, involves providing student leaders with "hands-on" experiences in financial planning, budgeting, payment of bills, contractual agreements and other financial procedures.

Educational Development
Includes providing educational experiences for student leaders and participants through sponsorship of and/or participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, and other educational endeavors.

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University Advisor’s Role

Serving as an advisor to a student club or organization is considered an important contribution to the Rowan University Community. Further, serving in this capacity is part of one's professional contribution to the student body and the institution. Serving as an advisor is greatly appreciated by the university and the organization.

The role of an advisor to a Greek organization at Rowan University is unique because the advisors involvement is based on the combination of the needs of the organization and the advisors level of commitment. Advisors to Greek organizations are encouraged to adapt a laissez-faire attitude in respect to the organizations day to day operations. However, they are expected to be available for consultation at any time, regarding any subject, if the organization wishes to take advantage of their services. The job description of this position is different with every organization, therefore there are no official rules or expectations that an advisor should adhere to. In an effort to clarify the duties of an advisor, the following list has been compiled to describe possible obligations. This list is designed to help advisors and student leaders arrive at an understanding of the level of involvement and interaction an advisor may have with student groups. While the role of an advisor may vary depending on the nature, size and scope of the organizations, this list represents a general guide to follow.

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Expectations of an Advisor

1. Call meetings of the executive committee when he/she feels it is necessary.

2. Explain and interpret University policy and regulations to officers and general membership when necessary.

3. Assist the organization president in planning and conducting executive committee and general meetings when deemed appropriate by the advisor. This includes but is not limited too:
a. Agenda preparation
b. Parliamentary procedures

4. Take an active role in goal setting with the organization president and executive committee and work with members in the development of leadership skills when deemed appropriate by the advisor.

5. Voice opinions and/or opposition to plans, discussions and activities of the group when he/she feels these are not in the best interests of the group or institution.

6. Be cognizant of students' personal concerns, problems and difficulties and be prepared to assist in these matters as a mentor or refer these students to the appropriate University personnel or offices. Such offices may include but are not limited to the Counseling Center , Residential and Campus Life, Health Center , Dean of Students' Office, Career and Academic Planning Center , etc.

7. Personally sign all authorization forms requesting rooms in the student center and throughout campus. Also all other university services, facilities, events, etc. The signatures must be from the advisors “own hand”. Failure to include these documents could result in denial and/or cancellation of the services. All appeals will go to the SGA offices.

8. Be prepared to speak to national headquarters or Rowan University on behalf of the organization you represent. The topics of discussion could include subjects such as financial debt, on campus judicial reviews, GPA reviews, etc.

9. Meet at least once with each new member class. At this meeting, the advisor should review the goals and expectations of each new member.

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Alumni Advisor

While this individual usually is an alumnus of a chapter of the fraternity or sorority, this person need not be an alumnus of this University. The role of this advisor is to monitor the activities of the chapter, provide advisement and be a liaison to the national organization (if appropriate). Alumni Advisors can prove to be extremely helpful. Their experience as a member of an organization can be utilized when trying to resolve issues within the chapter.

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Greek Organizations Their Advisors


Alpha Chi Rho John Lyden
Alpha Phi Alpha Bill Myers
Alpha Phi Omega Stephanie Farrel
Delta Chi Phil Lewis
Delta Kappa Epsilon Don Robinson
Kappa Sigma TBA
Kappa Alpha Psi TBA
Lamda Theta Phi Mark Chapell
Omega Psi Phi Karlton Hughes
Phi Kappa Psi Diane Penrod
Phi Kappa Sigma Dr. Fopeano
Sigma Pi J.T. Mills
Tau Kappa Epsilon TBA
Theta Chi John Myers


Theta Phi Alpha Karen Siefring
Alpha Epsilon Phi Maccamas Ikpah
Alpha Kappa Alpha Stacy Leftwich
Alpha Sigma Alpha Kathleen Conlon
Delta Phi Epsilon Kathleen Pereles
Delta Sigma Theta Julie Peterson
Delta Zeta Ester Mumert
Lambda Theta Alpha Johanna Velez-Yelin
Phi Sigma Sigma TBA
Sigma Gamma Rho Julie Mallory
Sigma Sigma Sigma Joanne Damminger
Zeta Phi Beta Joanne Velez-Yelin

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Advisor Contact Information>

Advisor Extension Email Address

John Lyden X4479
Bill Myers X4082
Stephanie Farrel X5315
Phil Lewis X3407
Don Robinson X3726
Mark Chapell X3171
Karlton Hughes X4589
Diane Penrod X4330
Richard Fopeano X3740
J.T. Mills X4448
John Myers X4586

Karen Siefring X4037
Maccamas Ikpah X4328
Stacy Leftwich X3821
Kathleen Conlon X5407
Kathleen Pereles X3445
Julie Peterson X4596
Ester Mumert X4270
Johanna Velez-Yelin X4084
Julie Mallory X4467
Joanne Damminger X4453

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Important Contact Information

Chris DeMayo 856-256-4296
Graduate Coordinator for Greek Life

Keith Wenrich 856-256-4914
Assistant Director of the Recreation Center

George Brelsford 856-256-4266
Assistant Vice President for Residential Life
and Student Programs

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