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Rank Tag Description
Sith Lord / Sith Avenger [SA] Or ¬ Or [SL] SL's Are The Leaders Of Clan
Sith Master [SM] SM's Has Council Pass And Are Great Fighters. Cant Promote Up To Sith
Darth [DAR] Darth´s Are Highly Extremly Sith
Count [COU] Count's Are Extreme Fighters & Force Users
Sith [S] Sith's Are Good Fighters Has JK Pass
Loyal Dark Jedi [LDJ] Loyal Dark Jedi's Are Extremely Good At Using The Force And Fighting With Saber
Dark Jedi Knight [DJK] Dark Jedi Knight's Are Extremly Careful And Will Report Lamers
Dark Inquisitor [DI] Dark Inquisitor's Are Good At Using The Force
Loyal Advisor [LAD] Loyal Advisor's Are Good At Giving Advises
Elite [EL] Elite's Are Medium With Force And Fighting
General [GEN] General's Has An Army Of Their Own
Colonel [COL] Cournals Are Trainers
Royal Navy Trooper [RNT] Royal Navy Trooper's Are Leaders On A Ship
Sith Marshal [SMAR] Sith Marshal's Are Patrolling
Sith Soldier [SOL] Soldier's Are In The Army Training
Elite Inquisitor [EINQ] Elite Inquisitor's Can Pasuade People Easy
Military Soldier [MS] Military Soldier's Are In The Military Serves A General Or Higher
Elite Assassin [ES] Elite Assassin's Are Annihilators
Assassin [ASN] Assassin's Are Learning Under ES
Sith Acolyte [ACO] Sith Acolyte's Serves The SA /SL
Experienced Trooper [EXT] Experienced Trooper's Are Learning Their Ways
Elite Troopers [ELT] Elite Trooper's Are Finding The Way
Advanced Troopers [ADT] Advanced Troopers Serves The SL/SA
Trooper [T] Trooper's Are New
Hand Out By Leader Tag Description / How Many People Has It
Loyal Avenger [LAV] Right Hand Of The Avenger There May Only Be 2 Has Council Pass
Royal Guard [RG] Royal Guard's Are The Best Fighter In Clan Has JKPASS
Grand Advisor [GAD] Best At Giving Advises

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