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Meet the team

Chidori, female Electabuzz

After her evolution, Chidori became more mature. Batteries and plugs don't help anymore when she's down. She now goes to hang on the power cables outside.

Shikamaru, male Haunter

Shikamaru is one lazy ghost. He doesn't get out of the way when you are about to hit him, he just flies right through you.

Jiroubou, male Nidorino

The small, somewhat timid nidoran has grown and posses more power this time. Still looking for fights, hoping to get stronger and become a true king.

Kurenai, female Alakazam

You know what they say about traded/given pokémon. Kurenai needed to wait quite a while before becoming an approved Alakazam. The note "I've already seen your Psychic, but two seems to be the magic number. So, I'm giving you Tenor, my (F) Abra. - Ace64" is now hanging on the wall. I'm hoping he won't mind that I renamed her.

Toph, female Sandslash

With her strange spikes, this Sandslash immediatlly caught my eye as a shrew. Also it's the reason for her nickname. Toph is an earthbender from Avatar. Earthbenders are always clad in green.

Obito, male Medicham

My only RSE generation pokémon. Named after the Obito from the Naruto anime/manga. The kid seemed like a monkey to me.

Asuma, male Sneasel

Namesake of the [naruto-spoilers] deceased Asuma.[/spoilers]. His dark type fits well with the smoking habit and also those claws are awesome chakra blades.

Shino, male Nincada

Named after the gangsta shinobi, Shino. His specialty is bug jutsu so an insect was obvious. Finally evolved, it took quiet a while as the opportunity to use him jhad never risen.

Iroh Hao, male Charizard (orange and golden color)

A Christmas present from moderator Chris2.0(so proud of that :D), I kept his original name but added Iroh infront. Iroh is an Avatar character who's nickname is Dragon of the West

Kyodaigumo, female Ariados

I got this one off an auction. Formarly belonging to RaZoR LeAf. I named her Kyodaigumo, nicknamed after the summoning creature that was called out by the spider guy from the Sound 4.

Rebirth, male Ledian

A quick pick at the Summer Xmas Tree 2007. He was a small Ledyba back then, and now he's a little taller Ledian.

Gaia, male Steelix

A gift from my fellow Belgian ASBer. I should get hims something as well. I wonder if he'll accept IOU's...

Suiryudan, male Seadra

My first capture in the Safari Zone. I was in need of a good water pokémon and I believe this one can fly if it's on land. Well, hover at least...

Mokuton, male Leafeon

Second capture in the Safari Zone. After giving away my Bulbasaur I spotted this guy. I always liked the eeveelutions and then I notised this one. No doubt and caught

Tori, female Pidgeotto

You guessed it, my third Safari Zone catch. It accepted my challenge to fight Hao and after a tough fight, she decided to join me.