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The Brink of Time

Developer: Squaresoft
System: SNES (Original) & Playstation (Port)
U.S Release Date: 09.27.1995
Brink of Time's Rating: 10/10

Chrono Trigger, a name most may know if they're a square and/or RPG fan. It was code named "The Dream Project" and it truly was a dream project in its day. Using the SNES to its limit, it had some of the best graphics of its time and a mind blowing story. Incoorperating Time Travel, its story was one of a kind to many who were priviliged to enjoy its rich characters, worlds, and battle system.

Ah, but of course! The battle system! While it may seem simple... well it is but in a good way! In battle you earn experience points for levels and tech points to learn new, more powerfull moves and once a selection of your characters have learned certain moves they may work with other characters to make even more devestating combos. This was a great feature as it made your characters seem like they worked together; in essence they were a true team.

With characters to get attached to like Lucca, the teenaged, purple-haired scientist and Magus, the tortured sorcerer, it made the game all the more lovable.

Now for replay value, and what a topic it is. Chrono Trigger has some of the best replay value I've ever seen with the ability to start a "New Game +" where you start with all your items, (- key items) experience, and tech so you can explore the vast world of Chrono Trigger's endings. With 12 endings and different conditions for reaching them the adventure never seems to get dull. Overall? Chrono Trigger is a little too easy for most avid gamers so just try to rent it if you just want to play it and beat it, and I do mean TRY! ;) Otherwise, you can buy the original SNES cartridge for about $70 or buy Final Fantasy Chronicles for about $40 and get both it, Final Fantasy 4 and a whole lot of special features like Anime movies of key CT events. You be the judge. Either way, you can look forward to about 60 hours of amazing gameplay.

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