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Native American Church


Native American Church

a brief outline of the Church and it's history


The Peyote religion was first practiced by the Wichole Indians of central Mexico,brought north by the Lipan Apache and taught to the Kiowa tribe,the 4 songs sung by the Roadman are the start, opening,Water or midnight song, and the closing song.From the Kiowa sprang a religion that spread across the entire United States.

The Native American Church was one of the last churches to be recognized as a bonified and legalized church in the United States, because of it's use of peyote as a sacrament during meetings,, the religion was deemed "hallucinogenic" and therefore, illegal up untill the last century. The meetings start at sundown,and continue untill sunrise. Attendees must remain seated and in an upright posture throughout the ceremony. A water drum and special peyote rattle are used to accompany the songs, each member singing 4 songs in succession,with the rotation starting with the minister(roadman) this rotation is completed 4 times during the night with a taking of the sacrament at the beginning of each revolution a water break is done in the middle of the ceremony,around midnight and is preceded by the Water Song. The water drum,a three legged kettle with a hide(usually elk) brain-tanned and smoked,tied with 7 small rocks and a cord, is always untied at the conclusion of the meeting.


A painting of the N.A.C. Instruments by

Kiowa artist Yellowhair

Painting of Native American Church instruments by Kiowa Yellowhair

original painting owned by site author, a higher res.and larger version may be found at the sister site and used for noncommercial purpose. Native American Music



A Kiowa Peyote song by Leanord Cozad sr. and Bill Kaullaity

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Kiowa art (20th century)

20th Century Kiowa Art  depicting Native American Church setting and instruments