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Born, Married and Died, in Sharon, Connecticut

A Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the town of Sharon, Conn. from 1721 to 1879
taken from Ancient Land and Church Records and other Authentic Sources.
Lawrence VanAlstyne, Sharon, Connecticut, 1897


Pages 80 - 83

Page 80

LANDERS, Remember and John Orton, m. Nov. 20, 1764.
LANDERS, Remember, d of Joseph and Sarah, b. Jan. 18, 1747.
LANDERS, Seth, s. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Nov. 19, 1756.
LANDERS, children (no names), of Seth, offered up by their great grandfather, Dea. Joseph Landers. bap. June 26, 1791.
LANDERS, Sarah, d of Jesse, Jr., and Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1759.
LANDERS, Sarah and David Hollister, m. Aug. 22, 1776.
LANDERS, Thankful, d. of Joseph and Sarah, b. June --, 1749.
LANDERS, Thankfull, d. of Joseph and Sarah, d. April 27, 1750.
LANDERS, Thankful and Israel Foster, m. March --. 1766.
LANDERS, Charles, of Canaan, and Aminta Jackson, of Sharon, m. March 13, 1834.
LANDERS, Zilpha and Ithamar Woodruff, m. May 9, 1799.
LANDON, Charles and Melinda Calkins, m. March 24, 1836.
LANDON, Erastus, of Salisbury, and Dorcas Viccory, of Sharon, m. May 26, 1783.
*LANDON, James, of Salisbury, and Jane E. Heath, of Sharon, m. May 6, 1833.
LANDON, James and Freelove Briant, m. Nov. 2, 1768.
LANE, Jemima and David Warner, m. Feb. 1, 1795.
LANDON, Samuel, of Salisbury, and Sarah Sprague, of Sharon, m. May 10, 1773.
LANDON, Lydia, of Salisbury, and Obadiah Reed, of Sharon, m. Nov. 4, 1784.
LANDON, -----, of Canaan, and Olive Johnson, of Sharon, m. -----.
*LASELLE, Waitsill and Moses Smith, m. June 4, 1789.
*LATHROP, Elisabeth and Abner Wood, m. Sept. 7, 1793.
LATTIMORE, Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Tyler, of Sharon, m. Feb. 19, 1770.
LAWTON, Jacob, of Washington, N.Y., AND Fanny H. Goodwin, of Sharon, m. July 18, 1806.
LAWRENCE, Roswell and Olive Coressey, both of Salisbury, m. Sept. 14, 1801.
LAY, Abigail and Phinehas Smith, m. May 4, 1778.
LAY, Betsey and Rev. John Griswold, both of Pattet, Vt., m. Feb. 5, 1794.
LAY, Eunice and John Tryon, m. March 18, 1782.
LAYMAN, Jacob, of Egremont, and Hannah Hurlbut, of Sharon, m. Oct. 17, 1776.
LEACH, Harriet and Charles A. Smith, m. March 12, 1838.
LEAMAN, Loraine, of Sharon, and Abm. A. Davis, of Pokeepsie, m. Dec. --, 1818.
LEE, John D. and Mrs. Elisabeth Griswold, m. April 14, 1757.
LEWIS, Hannah, d. of Samuel and Hannah, b. Feb. 13, 1745-6.
LEWIS, Jabez and Sarah Fosdick, m. March 25, 1750.
LEWIS, d. of Samuel and Hannah, b. Oct. 16, 1744.

Page 81

LEWIS, Mary and Theodore Simons, m. Dec. 24, 1760.
LEWIS, Philo, of Cornwall, and Eleanor Swift, of Sharon, m. Sept 13, 1826.
LEWIS, Samuel, Jr., and Lydia Chapman, m. Sept. 22, 1769.
LEWIS, Samuel, s. of Samuel and Lydia, b. April 19, 1772.
LEWIS, Samuel and Hannah Millard, m. May 26, 1741.
LEWIS, Samuel, s. of Samuel and Hannah, b. Sept. 2, 1747.
LEWIS, Susannah and James Foot, m. June 9, 1768.
LEWIS, Susanna, d. of Samuel and Hannah, b. April 21, 1750.
LEWIS, Sylvanus, s. of Samuel, Jr., and Lydia, b. July 14, 1770.
LEVI, Ezra and Rebecca Calkins, m. Nov. 24, 1841.
LILLIE, David, of Sharon, and Azubah Bissel, of Salisbury, m. Nov. 6, 1766.
LILLIE, Electa, of Norfolk, and Jacob Ford, of Sharon, m. Jan. 23, 1794.
LILLY, Sarah, d. of David and Azubah, b. March 14, 1773.
LINER, Peter, of Sharon, and Henrietta Rheinhardt, of Sharon, m. March 2, 1871.
LINES, Benjamin and Sophia Platt, m. Dec. 4, 1825.
LINES, Eliza Ann and Alfred Petton, m. Sept. 9, 1829.
LINES, Polly, d. of Reuben, bap. April --, 1800.
LINES, Samuel, s. of Reuben, bap. July 1, 1803.
LINES, Sarah and Charles Leonard Prindle, m. Jan. 25, 1821.
*LLOYD, Anne and Edmond Palmer, m. Aug. 10, 1784.
*LLOYD, Anthony and Betsey Slasson, m. July 26, 1790.
*LLOYD, James and Lucy Goodrich, m. Jan. 26, 1783.
*LLOYD, Rachel and Elijah Goodrich, m. Sept. 17, 1783.
LOCKWOOD, Charles, of Greenwich, Ct., and Betsy Bonnel, of Ellsworth, m. March 6, 1842.
LOCKWOOD, Eliza Ann and Daniel St. John, m. Sept. 9, 1845.
*LOCKWOOD, Elisabeth and John Buzbee, m. Oct. 7, 1779.
LOCKWOOD, Harriet, of Sharon, and Charles Hallock, of New Milford, m. Nov. 18, 1834.
LOCKWOOD, William and Harriet C. Birdsill, m. Nov. 14, 1844.
LOCKWOOD, Unice and Charles Murch, m. Jan 1, 1794.
*LOCKWOOD, Rachel and William Butts, m. Oct. 5, 1779.
LOCKWOOD, Sally and Wm. Surdam, m. Jan. 19, 1818.
LOOMIS, Tryphena and Joseph Goold, m. June 27, 1751.
LORD, Laura and Samuel Sweet, m. July 2, 1798.
LORD, Deborah and Isaiah Everett, m. May 2, 1773.
LORD, Deborah, d. of Joseph and Esther, b. March 31, 1755.
LORD, Ephraim and Betthiah Waterman, m. July 24, 1753.
LORD, Ethan and Paulina Parsons, m. Nov. 1, 1827.
LORD, Ethan, s. of Joseph and Esther, bap. Aug. 25, 1776.
LORD, Freedom and Eunice Pritchard, both of Sharon, m. Jan. 21, 1796.
LORD, Freedom, s. of Joseph, Esq., and Esther, b. May 14, 1774.

Page 82

LORD, James, of Northeast, and Betsey Rogers, of Sharon, m. March 9, 1820.
LORD, John and Olive Everett, both of Sharon, m. Dec. 9, 1779.
LORD, John, s. of Joseph and Esther, b. Feb. 22, 1757.
LORD, Joseph and Elizabeth St. John, both of Sharon, m. Oct. 30, 1783.
LORD, Joseph and Julia Prindel, m. Oct. 13, 1839.
LORD, Joseph and Esther Chapman, m. Nov. 7, 1754.
LORD, Peter and Sabra Woodruff, both of Sharon, m. Nov. 24, 1791.
LORD, Lois, d. of Joseph and Esther, b. June 3, 1759.
LORD, Mary and Smith Parke, m. Sept. 5, 1771.
*LORD, Sally and Andrew McFarlin, m. June 20, 1795.
*LOUNSBURY, Elizabeth and David Bryant, m. March 28, 1790.
LOVEJOY, Daniel, of Province Land, west of Sheffield, and Prudence Cady, of Oblong, m. Sept. 7, 1757.
LOVEWEL, Abigail, d. of Levi and Susanna, b. May 3, 1761.
LOVELL, Annee and John Foster, Jr., m. Feb. 11, 1798.
LOVELL, Amos, s. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Sept. 13, 1784.
LOVELL, Cynthia and Damas Mather, m. June 17, 1792.
LOVELL, Eliezer, s. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Sept. 26, 1766.
LOVELL, Elizabeth and Elijah Chapman, m. Jan. 30, 1797.
LOVELL, Elizabeth C., and Calvin C. Chaffee, m. Sept. 4, 1844.
LOVELL, Hannah, d. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Nov. 3, 1769.
LOVEL, John and Eunice Hamilton, both of Sharon, m. Dec. 7, 1774.
LOVELL, John, s. of Levi, bap. Aug. 29, 1775.
LOVELL, John B. and Clarissa Chaffee, both of Sharon, m. Oct. 7, ----.
LOVELL, Lorrain and Partrick Guernon, m. Dec. --. 1819.
LOVEL, Mary, of Sharon, Nicholas Rowe, of Amenia, m. May 4, 1775.
LOVELL, Mary, d. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Sept. 6, 1764.  
LOVELL, Olive, d. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Dec. 10, 1774.
LOVELL, Sarah, d. of Joseph and Sarah, b. Sept. 26, 1772.
LOVELL, Sarah, of Sharon, and William Clark, of Amenia, m. May 25, 1785.
LOVEL, Stephen, s. of Levi, bap. Dec. 8, 1768.
LOVELL, Thankfull and Thomas Calkins, m. Oct.22, 1784. 
LOVERIDGE, Griswold and Abigail Hull, m. May 11, 1829.
LOVEWELL, Desire, d. of Levi and Susanna, b. Feb. 3, 1759. 
LOVEWELL, John, s. of Levi and Mary, b. Sept. 5, 1775.
LOVEWELL, Simeon, s. of Levi and Susanna, b. May 4, 1763.
LOVEWELL, Susanna, d. of Levi and Mary, b. July 2, 1777.
LOVEWELL, Thankful, d. of Levi and Susanna, b. April 11, 1765. 
LOVEWELL, Reuben, s. of Levi and Susanna, b. Sept. 18, 1768.
LOWREY, Daniel and Abby Goodwin, m. July 11, 1821.
LOWREY, Fanny and Hezekiah Goodwin, m. April 4, 1830.
LOWREY, Doct. Nathaniel and Abba Patchen, m. Sept. 4, (no year).

Page 83

LOWREY, Rebecca, d. of Widow Abba, bap. June --, 1823.
LOWRY, Rebecca Maria, of Sharon, and Homer Hitchcock, of Amenia, m. Dec. 18, 1839.
LOYD, Angelina, d. of Leonard, bap. Aug. 18, 1811.
LUCE, Joshua and Esther Actly, both of Sharon, m. Aug. 29, 1782.
LUCE, Mary and John Abel, m. May 10, 1781.
LUCE, Tamsen and Aaron Young, m. May 27, 1778.
LUSCUM, Judith and Cesar Amos, of Cornwall, m. Aug. 3, 1799.
LYMAN, Amanda, d. of Simeon and Joanna, b. March 12, 1798.
LYMAN, Anna, d. of Simeon and Joanna, b. Feb. 22, 1791.
LYMAN, Bernice and James Curtis, m. Jan. --, 1808.
LYMAN, Harriet E., of Sharon, and Edgar J. Reed, of Salisbury, m. Oct. 12, 1831.
LYMAN, Laura and Levi S. Bartram, m. May 5, 1843.
LYMAN, Lucy Ann, of Sharon, and Martin Decker, of Salisbury, m. June 8, 1840. 
LYMAN, Mary Ann, d. of Isaac and Mary, bap. (no date.) 
LYMAN, Mary Ann, of Sharon, and Martin Decker, of Salisbury, m. April 6, 1842. 
LYMAN, Rebecca and Oliver Crocker, of Nine Partners, m. Feb. 27, 1757.
LYMAN, Sarah, of Sharon, and Charles Twitchel, of Naugatuck, m. Jan. 15, 1845.
LYMAN, Simeon, s. of Simeon and Joanna, b. Oct. 15, 1793.
LYMAN, Simeon Thomas, s. of Isaac, bap. Mar, 12, 1819.
LYMAN, Simeon, of Westmoreland, N.Y., and Amanda C. King, of Sharon, m. Oct. 14, 1841.

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