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Blowing the Shofar
Star of David on Satin background
Moses with the Torah
G_d of the Hebrews
Jewish Life
Israel My Beloved 600 x 800
Hannuka-Lighting the Candles
Temple Mount
Night Prayer
Prayer Shawl
Pray for peace in Jerusalem
I will pray and cry aloud
In the beginning
Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you
The Lord is a sun and a shield
Isaac Son of Promise
A time to pray
Listen up now
Free Judaic Greeting Cards

Scripture Wallpaper-Old Testament

WSTW.FM-Jewish Music

You can use the wallpaper with or without a desktop program. Click on small image to view larger one. On larger image put cursor over rigt bottom corner an icon with arrows will appear to expand picture to full size then right click on picture and "save picture as" in to your own folder.

To put picture on your desktop, right click on your desktop and choose properties from the menu. A bunch of tabs come up pick the one that shows says "Desktop" then click on the button that says "browse".

Go to the folder where you saved the wallpaper and click on the image and then "okay".