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Gaza Strip, the Ultimate
Eminent Domain Give-Away

August 21, 2005

The past few days have been very sad for me, it started the day the Jewish settlers were removed from their land on the Gaza Strip by their own people, land that the God of Abraham had given them.

It reminded me of "eminent domain" in the US where the State or City is allowed to take private property from people to give to someone else. This "eminent domain" in Israel is worse. It takes property from the Jewish people to give to another group of people that NEVER inherited the land.

I am a Christian that identifies with the Jewish people as a people that God blessed and loved. I cried when I saw them kicked off their own land. I cried when the soldiers went into the Synagogues to get people that were using it as sanctuary. It broke my heart, seeing tanks and soldiers in cages was worse than the Germans going after the Jews, this time it was their own.

The media termed some settlers "hardcore" that went into the Gaza to stir up trouble. I call them Jews that wanted to fight for what was theirs. These "hardcore" Jewish settlers were the ones that believed in something and standing up or being carried off was their way of fighting for it and helping their brothers and sisters in the process. Some residents were desperate and acted out of character, but who wouldn't. What Jew would expect to get removed from their land by their own people.

The soldiers and the police knew this was wrong and cried and prayed with the settlers. They are going to have a hard spiritual time with their conscience. It is not enough to listen to the the commanders when your heart says something else. How many police or soldiers did wrong in the past and used the "I was told to do this" excuse. This won't float their boat. These soldiers and police are different, they are Jews. I suspect they will have a harder time after this is over and they will have some confessing to God for their actions.

Why was this done? Why was land given to the Palestinians? For peace? There will never be peace. Peace is given by God and it cannot be transferred for land. People like the Hamas will never allow Israel to live in peace. I love my country but I do not support our leaders thinking they can bring peace to the Middle East. I do not support a Palestinian State and I do not support my taxes to build a Palestinian State.

No politician, no leader, no country can make deals for peace in Israel. Israel is blessed by God and those people that interfere - even with good intentions will not see good results of their pouring in money to Palestine to build a State for a people that does not belong there.

If the Palestinians want land they should go live with their muslim sisters and brothers like Saudi Arabia, Israel's ---> land is not theirs to have ---- and Israel's leaders like Arial Sharon will suffer the wrath of a just God for yielding to the US and other authorities for money or political reasons. Even those people lining up now for political reasons in Israel will not go unpunished. They want to take advantage of the circumstances by putting themselves in a position to get elected because of this disruption but they are transparent their heart is not for the good of Israel but their own political aspirations. I feel very bad for the Jewish people that had to leave their homes, once again. I pray they do not give up hope and come closer to God in this time of sorrow. I grieve with you and pray for you.

Your sister in America

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