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Robotics Project
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This website provides the basic details of how robots work, their functions,and the expectations of future robots.

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The scrolling Links on the top can be a pain (but there are to many links to make them still). Click on the pictures to the left to get where you want to go without waiting for the link to scroll by. The first picture will take you to Uses for Robots. The second will take you to How They Work, and the last one will take you to Robotics Future. Sorry theres no picture link for the game. enjoy :)
+A Robot is

A robot is a mechanical device that can preform a variety or simple, complex and potentialy dangerous tasks(such as climbing into a volcano or a place with high radiation)It follows a series of comands and is not being controled directly by the person. This ability to preform without being controled directly seperates a robot from a machine.