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Print this form. Complete and Mail or Fax with Payment.

Fill-able PDF (117KB)


Name: ______________________________________________________________________________


Billing & Shipping Address: ____________________________________________________________




City / State / Zip: ______________________________________________________________________


Email: ___________________________________________Telephone no._______________________



Payment Type:  [    ] Paypal

Send Paypal payment to  or request a Paypal invoice by email.  Note: I cannot accept Credit card or Debit card payments through Paypal. International customers, I can only accept U.S. dollar Money order and Paypal.


Part No. Description (Enter Model number of System) Qty. Price (Qty x $12.99)

Standard Shipping (Continental US) $2.97  Media Mail;  $5.29 Priority Mail 


Shipping  (International) $4.97 per item (Econo)





Shipping: $2.97 Media Mail (Continental US), Priority Mail $5.29. Canada $4.97 - Standard Econo Shipping (non-refundable).

Please email me with your questions before ordering. All sales are final. 

These are NOT copies, they are original restore CD's.            --- back to Home page