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Restore CD Source



We have used system restore

CD's for Sale!

For Compaq Presario Models: 2100us Notebook PC, 2100 Notebook PC,

2162US Notebook PC, 2171US Notebook PC, 2190US Notebook PC, 

2182US Notebook PC, 

DA728AV , DK589A, DM393AV, DM725A, DK589AR, DM726AR, DM745A, DM745AR, DM747A, DM747AR.


To place an order, click on the words "Order Form" above, Print the form. 

Complete and Mail or Fax with Payment. Questions? Email



Shipping: $2.95 Media Mail - Continental US ($5.29 Priority Mail), Canada $4.97 - Standard Shipping.

Please email me with your questions before ordering. All sales are final. 

These are NOT copies, they are original restore CD's.