Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide

Phyl Wood

This Pennsylvania Beer Coaster Guide is an attempt to catalog ALL of the known beer coasters produced by breweries or brewpubs in the state of Pennsylvania in the course of it's history.  Some of these coasters are pre-prohibition, others are in use today.  As old beer coasters are discovered and new coasters are produced, they are added to the guide.

When submitting a new coaster to be added to any of the guides, collectors often don't include enough information.  Please keep in mind that sending a jumble of images can be very confusing to those of us who don't read minds.  It would be least confusing to me if people follow these guidelines when submitting a coaster:

1. Each coaster listing should be sent in it's own e-mail.  
2. Include images of both sides.  Listing that the coaster is 1/0, 1/1 or 1/2 is almost as good but sometimes a 1/1 coaster is just a little different on each side and then I get emails from other collectors who state they found a different coaster.
3. List the size accurate to 1/4".    Rounding 3.5" to 3" or 4.25" to 4" is not helpful as some breweries produced both sizes for the same design.  Metric is fine, I'll make the conversion to the nearest 1/4" for you..
4. Check the web site to see if the coaster is already listed.
5. Check for typos and readability.  What may be clear to you is sometimes very confusing to me as you have the coasters in front of you.
6. Include other relevant information.  For example was it a limited edition, when was it produced, was this coaster produced by someone other than a brewery but still may be relevant some how, is this a non-brewery produced item that may be confused as such?.

I use this guide as an educational tool.  Some collectors object to some of the coasters in my guide.  If you only collect paper, or a certain range of sizes, that is fine.  Others may want the information so I include it.

For guides and information about beer coasters from the rest of the country and Canada I strongly urge you to check out
George Barone's site

Copyright 2002-2017 Phyl Wood (All rights reserved).  This guide may not be copied or distributed in any form or media  (machine readable or in print) unless the following conditions are met.  All copies must be made with my permission. This guide and all of its parts must be completely free.  The guide must not be changed in any way.  This heading must be included in all copies. 

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ECBA# 2479
Last update 10/17/2017 Recently Added Coasters
My Wanted lists: Pennsylvania  Rhode Island
Underlined coaster codes are ones I have.
code Notes to Users of this Guide
2nd Story Brewing Co 2nd Pa Napkin Guide - my list
2SP Brewing Co 2sp PA paper placemats update 10/24/2016
Aldus Brewing Co aldus Uses of a beer coaster challenge
Allegheny City Brewing alcty
All Saints Brewing ascb
Anzalone see Lancaster Brewing Co.
Appalachian Brewing Co abc

Barbey's/Sunshine page1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Barley Creek bark
Bartels bartl
Battlefield Brew Works batbw
Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co. bbb
Benny Brew Co (Marty's Blue Room) bny
Berwick Brewing Co ber
Bethlehem Brew Works page 1 , page 2 , page 3 beth includes Fegley Brew Works
Beth-Uhl buhl
John F. Betz betz
Black Cap bkcap
Black Forest Brewery bfb
Black Rock blkrock
Bluestone Brewing Co blst
Boneshire Brew Works bone
Bonn Brewing Co. bonn
Boxcar box
Boyertown boyer
Brackenridge brack
Bradford brad
Brauhaus Schmitz deleted - not a brewery or brewhouse
Brewery at Hershey bah
Broken Goblet Brewery brok
Brownsville brown
Bube's bube
Buckingham Mt. buck
Bucks County Brewery bucks
Bullfrog bull
Bushkill bush
Cave Brewing Co cave
Charters Valley Brewery - see Duquesne#2 below
Chatty Monks Brewing Co chmks
Chester chest
Church Brew Works church
City & Ice city
Class & Nachod class
Coal Tipple Brewery coal
Cobblehaus Brewing cobb
Columbia Columbia colb
Columbia Shenandoah colum
Columbia Kettle Works ckw
Conshohocken cons
Crabby Larry's crab
Crime + Punishment Brewing cpb
Crooked Eye creye
Crowded Castle Brewing crca
Daeufers daeuf
Deppen depp
Derby derby
Destiny dest
Doc G's docg
Dock St. dock
Doylestown doyl
Dubois dub
Duquesne page1, page2 duq
Duquesne#2 (Chartiers Valley) char
Eagle eagl
Earth Bread + Brewery earth
East End Brewing east
Elk elk
Erie (Koehler) Page 1, Page 2 erie
Erie (Hoppers) Erie Brewing Co. erieh
Erlanger erlan
Esslinger paqe 1, page 2 ess
Ever Grain ever
Evil Genius Beer egb
Fat Heads OH-FAT
Fell fell
Fernwood fern
Fink's fink
Fisher fish
Flocks flock
Forest & Main foma
Fort Pitt
Fort Pitt, Victor and Jones brewing companies have
intertwined histories and share beer names/coasters.
Four Seasons Brewing four
Franklin frank
Freeland free
Free Will Brewing Co freew
Funk funk
Furhmann and Schmidt   Page 1, Page 2 fur
Gamble Mill Micro Brewing gmmb
Gearhouse Brewing Co gear
General Braddock gbrad
Gettysbrew gettys
Gibbons  Page 1, Page 2 gib
Goenner goen
Graupner page 1, page 2 graup
Wm. Gretz gretz
Grist House Brewing Co. ghb
Gruenewald gruen
Guild Hall Brewing Co guild
Gunpowder Falls Brewery gpfb
Haefner haef
Happy Valley hapv
Harty Brewing Co hart
Helb's helb
Hohonadel hoh
Homestead homes
Hop Hill hoph
Horlacher horl
Hornung's page 1, page 2, page 3 horn
Independent Brewing Co Philadelphia indpha
Independent Brewing Co Pittsburgh indpg
Independence Brewing Company indph
Independence Brew Pub indpb
Insurrection AleWorks insaw
Intercourse Brewing Co. intbc
Iron Hill  See Delaware guide DE-IRON
Jamaica was part of Barbey/Sunshine
John Harvard MA-JHB
Jones (Stoney's, Esquire) page 1, page 2, page 3 jones
Kaiers Page 1, Page 2 kaier
Kennett Brewing Co kbc
Koch's koch
Kostenbader (Eagle Brewing) kost
Kuebler kueb
La Cabra Brewing lacab
Lackawana lack
Lancaster Brewing Co. page 2 lan
Lancaster Malt Brewing. lmb
Latrobe page 1, page 2, page 2A, page 3, page 4,
page 5, page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10,
Rolling Rock/Anheuser Busch mo-abrr
Leaning Cask Brewing Co lean
Lebanon Valley lebv
Legacy lbc
Lehigh Valley/Scheafer
The F&M Schaefer Co was primarily a NY company
but did have a brewery in Lehigh PA
Levante Brewing Co lvnt
Liebert & Obert (Cooper) leib
Lion, page 1, page 2 lion
Liquid Hero hero
Lockport lock
Locust Lane lola
Lost Tavern Brewing lost
Mad Chef Craft Brewing mchef
Mad Princess Brewing madp
Manayunk man
Mauch Chunk mauch
McKenzie mcknz
Mexitaly mex
Millbock mill
Millcreek Brewing Co mbc
Millworks Brewing millw
Mindful Brewing Co mind
Miscreation miscr
Molly Pitcher Brewing Co molly
Moo-Duck Brewery modk
Moose moose
Mount Carbon mtcbn
Mount Carmel mtcml
Mudhook Brewing mudhk
Mutual Union Brewing Co mub
Mystic mys
Naked Brewing Co naked
Neshaminy Creek nesh
Neustadtl Brewing Corp neubc
Neuweiler's neu
New Roads newr
Nimble Hill Brewing Co. nihib
Nodding Head nodd
Northampton norha
North Country Brewing ncb
Old Forge Brewing Co. ofbc
Old Lehigh oleh
Ortlieb page 1, page 2, page 3 ort
Otto's Pub & Brewery otto
Panther pant
Panther Hollow panth
Penn Steelton pstel
Penn Star pstar
Penn State pstat
Pennsylvania penn
Philadelphia page 1, page 2, page 3 phila
Philadelphia Brewing Co (micro) (Kenzinger)
Page 1, page 2
Philipsburg philips
Pilzner (Hazelton) pilz
Pittsburgh page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 pit
Pittston (Glennon's) pston
Pizza Boy Brewing Co pzb
Poth poth
Premier prem
Pretzel pretz
Primobarone's primo
Prism prism
Proper Brewing Co prop
Prussian St. pruss
Queen City queen
Reading/Pale Reserve page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 read
Recon Brewing recon
Red Star red
Rivertowne Brewing rtb
E. Robinson's Sons robn
Rolling Rock/Anheuser Busch mo-abrr
Roth's roth
Round Guys Brewing Co rndgy
Roy Pitz Brewing rpb
Rumspringa Brewing Co rumsp
Rustygold Brewing rust
Rusty Rail Brewing Co rr
O.C. Saltzman saltz
Saucony Creek sauc
Sayre sayre
Schaffhauser schaf
Adam Scheidt's (Prior) page 1, page 2 scheidt
Schillers schil
Christian Schmidt page 1, page 2, page 3 schmt
Selin's Grove seg
Seitz seitz
ShawneeCraft (Gem and Keystone) shaw
ShuBrew shu
Slyfox slyfx
Snitz Creek Brewing snitz
Something Wicked Brewing Co sowkd
G.A.Soulas (rathskeller) soul
South Bethlehem sobth
South County Brewing Co socobc
Spoonwood spoon
Sprenger spren
Spring House shb
Stable 12 stabl
Standard stand
Stegmaier page 1, page 2 ,page 3, page 4 steg
St Benjamin Brewing Co stben
St Boniface stbon
St. Marys stmar
Sterling ster
Sterling Pig Brewery sterpg
Stickman Brewing Co stik
Stoudt's page 1, page 2 stoud
Straub straub
Stroudsburg stroud
Sunbury sunb
Sunnybrook sunbrk
Swashbuckler Brewing sbc
Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works tflag
Techne Brewery tech
The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co tbg
Three Rivers thriv
Thump Keg Brewing Co thmp
Timber Creek timcr
Tower Hill Brewery towh
Trainer Brewing Co train
Triumph Brewing   or see New Jersey Guide NJ-TRI
Touchstone Brewing Co. touch
Troegs page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 page 6
page 7
Tube City tube
Tun Tavern tun
Turkey Hill Brewing Co. turk
Twisted Tail            deleted - not a brewery or brewpub
Two Rivers Brewing Co. triv
Union unewc
Valhalla val
Valley Forge (brewpub) vform
Victor vict
Victory page 1, page 2 vctry
Viking viking
Wacker (micro) wackm
Wacker wack
Wainright  page 1 page 2 wain
Warehouse Craft Brewing wcb
Washington wash
Wayne wayne
Weyerbacher weyer
Weisbrod & Hess weis
Whitetail wht
Widman's wid
William Penn wmpenn
Wissahickon wiss
Wyndridge wynr
Wyoming wyom
Yankee Brewing Co yank
Yards yards
Yergey Brewing yerg
Yough you
Yuengling's page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4, page 5 page 6
yuen 7
Zeroday Brewing zero
Zuckfoltzfus zuck
Multiple & Festivals - Pennsylvania
Anheuser Busch, Coors, Miller & Molson in PA
Contract Brewery info
non brewery issued coasters glass, rubber mat beer related