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HKH Madeleine Bernadotte

For it has some relevance to this site as well, I would hereby make a statement about present political happenings in connection with the Nordic states:

The owner of this site TOTALLY AND UTTERLY CONDEMNS the brutal Islamic reaction and threats agains the Northern States and Western Europe.
In the past few years, small groups of Moslim extremists, who misunderstood the Koran, executed such attacks against our Western civilisation and lifestyle, which trembled our world's basis. As a result, thousands of lives were meanlessly destroyed, hundreds of families collapsed. The Western World made every effort not to generalise these happenings and we did not put an equal sign between terrorism and Islam.
Of, course, among us, there are a few people, who tend to generalise, and they, practicing their rights of the free speech, drawed their opinion, which they also published. Compared to what has been previously mentioned, the LEAST, what the Islamic world could do is to be so acceptive, like we, Europeans were and are with them and avoid generalisations.
Their behaviour of destroying and threatening is totally inacceptable and it is not only against civilised manner but also against every religious prescription of forgivness.

We urge the visitors of this site, to express their opinion as well. You can do it the following way:

  • you buy as many Scandinavian products as you can and you
  • you write mails to Scandinavian embassies and friends, saying that you agree with them in protecting the freedom of the speech.
  • if you see on a product, it is from an Arabic country, do not buy it
  • if you are a journalist or have an own internetsite, publish such content, which also condemns the Islamic reaction, eventually try to play down religious fanatic dictatures

DO NOT FORGET! In Europe millions died and suffered for the basic freedom rights. Our modern age history is about the fight for these rights! Do not let human ignorance lead by religious fanatism blindfold your eyes and do not forget all these achievements our ancestors fought and bled for.

This message will be presented on this site, until the present high emotions calm down.


Among the different goals of this internet site are the help and initiation of the better intercultural communication by introducing different cultures. With these we want to help learning foreign languages, that is why you can use the content of the site for your studies freely.
Note, however, that the presentations and some other details are not the site owner's work, they might be protected by copyright. All the sources and references are marked at the relating places.

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