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Mirabelle's Health

We first found out that Mirabelle is FeLV+ when we took her to the vet to be spayed. Our vet called to tell us that because she had tested positive, he could not give her any vaccinations, because FeLV weakens the immune system.

Our first reaction was a mix of fear, confusion, and terrible sadness. But as we learned more about the disease, we began to feel a bit of optimism.

Some facts we have learned:

So far, Mirabelle has shown very little signs of the disease. Her third eyelids are often showing, and she has more discharge from her eyes than a normal cat. Our vet gave us a prescription ointment to help keep her eyes healthy. She has also had a few episodes of respiratory congestion. Otherwise, she is extremely healthy, insatiably playful, and a true miracle kitty.

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