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9 to 5 with a Cup of Love

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DESTINY'S PLAIN Every morning she wakes with a pain that seems to throatal through her back and neck, roaming from the night shift. Is there ever going to be an end to the endless work at the shop. She thought. If there is a way out God, please land it on my lap. Because, God I can use it about now. Please, Please. Amy prayed. But nothing came. Sometimes she wondered if God was even listing to her problems, oris he up there laughing. Because he nows that only she could have choosen this life. Amy smirked. Why not laugh! Your right God this is the life that I choose. How ironic. Amy thought. As she crossed towards to the bathroom door she remembered the coolness of the bathroom floor. She decided to return to get her slips. Soon the sun would be rising up over the buildings, and with that sunrise she new wonce in a while her daughter would rise with it. She was her morning sunshine that brightened her day. Not even coffee or a morning shower could give Amy that Cup of Love that her daughter Amber gave her ever moring. Amy often told her self you no you have one hell of a gale there, one that makes the troubles of day to day living seem child's play combared to pure beauty of light. That is what made it so hard of Amy to face the fact that she was a single mother. That Amber's father was only there for a brief magical moment and then gone. But it ended in Amy smurcking it off as just Destin'y Plain for her. Even if it meant Amber with out a father. The cool water of the shower felt good against her hand as she checked the water temperature. Amy hated looking in the mirror while she undressed or dressed, but today she felt old and unsure of tommowor. She wondered how long it has been sense she felt the strength of a man's touch under her own. The sense of his male structure standing before her, wanting her, needing her love. To long she thought, but then as she remembered Amber. Not long enough. The next man I climb in bed with better have a big life insurance policy, because I will kill him if he does not come with an eturnal Cup of Love. Amy told her self in the mirror between angered grinding of teeth. Amy remembered a time when her stomach was a smooth as silk, and as tight as the pages of a new book. She thought. But now her stomach though small was covered with stretch marks from carring her daughter for 9 months. Plus she could pinch an inch or two of left over. Amy thought of lipo suction as she tried to pinch and stretch back the left over fat. I can not complain, most women never loose any weight after children, and I have lost quite a bit. Besides, Amy responded to her self. True love does not need beauty it has it's own. With cuddled thoughts of her own happiness Amy steped into the shower. The cool water slowly reviving her back to life. Just get throught today! Amy seemed to demand her self as though she was not only doing but telling her self to straiten up and get through the day. But always look towards tommowor. Amy reminded her self as she let the cool water chase the ivory soap of her body. She could feel her senses start to awaken with the small of the ivory and the sounds of the now awoken and signing baby birds out side her bathroom window. There song was beautiful and yet charming at the same time. Whith nothing left to wash she new it was time to dispense from the shower and get dressed for the day. Whith a dap of lotion and a sprinkle of perfume. Amy headed to her bedroom to get dressed for the day. She was meeting her editor for lunch today so she new she needed to look her best if she expected him to go public with her advice. Her advice column over the internet was getting big and they wanted to go global. She felt she had no choice in the matter if she ever wanted to get away from major bills and eventually get a house of her own. Two bedroom would be sufficent. Amy thought as she pulled a silk blouse and a black skirt out of her closet. You can never go wrong with black. Amy thought , but the sudden hollow sound of someone knocking at her front door made her jump in startlment as though someone walked in on her as she stood near her bed wrapped in a towel. She did not even have the time to dry her hair yet. Gathering up her house coat she wondered who it was as they continued knocking with out any consideration that maybe the house has not woken. No dought a man. Amy thought to her self. Surely no dicent woman would show up at this hour without calling the night before. But what choice did she have. She thought if she did not answer soon with there continous knocking then soon Amber will awaken. Amy quickly approached the door as she stood utter so slightly behind while she opened it. To her surprise she was dazed by the effect of seeing what looked to her her WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS WEEKS STORY DESTINY'S PLAIN. COME BACK NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT WHO IS STANDING IN AMY'S DOOR WAY, AND WAS IT DESTINY'S PLAIN ALL ALONG. FOR ORDING PURPOSES OR IF YOU JUST WANT YOU STORY PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE EMAIL AT