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I would like to repaint and remove every bit of chrome in the near future.  I hate chrome, rip off the trim paint the bumpers black.

Yep that's the seat that is miraculously out of the van

What a spectacular undercatrrage.  (my ass!)

As a rookie mechanic, id like to figure out what all this is, clean it, and make it look halfway decent.

I need some new mirrors and less chrome!


This is my 1977 Dodge Tradesman B-200.  This van was originally bought and restored in 1978 by an uncle.  I am putting some finishing touches on the interior and engine.

I am not expecting this van to last much longer.  It has an original 318 ci, 4bbl motor with 112,000 miles.  When it does expire I plan to buy a van with nothing inside and restore it.

When I am done restoring it, I will take some final pictures and post them on this site.  Till then, what you see is what you get.

What I have done so far (very basic):

  • Rebuild Exhaust manifold.
  • Brake Job (pad's and disc's)
  • CD Changer
  • Speakers

What I still have to do:

  • Get a new CB antenna
  • Plastic Roof vent
  • Interior Light fixtures
  • Weld a new battery tray
  • Extensively clean interior
  • Bigger outside mirrors
  • Make curtains or:
  • Tint windows (or both)