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This is an e-mail I recived on 3/31 at 5:19 PM from "Administration"  Read this message, and my reply.  Then write me an e-mail with what you think.

From <tiremelterman@*****.com>  I am one of the sites at the top100. Not only I have seen the cheating by your IP on the top100 cheaters list but have seen how others have put up great, informative, Mopar sites. that represent what Mopar is all about. Mopar is not about tits and its sad you have to resort to that to attract attention. I have seen your site and I believe without that you couldnt even reach the top 50.I have heard from many others the same thing. I even know of Mopar sites that feel since they cant compete with tits that its best to either leave the top100 or not worry about there position there because your banner and cheating. Dont think Im the only one noticing this. I have heard this from many. I dont think you'll change your mind but thats life. The top100 mopar sites is the best of the Mopar sites in the U.S. To bad it has to be represented and tarnished with sites like yours and cheaters like you. Yes this is the U.S. and freedom of choice reigns, but this is not a bikini site but rather a place for all Mopar lovers alike to visit and unite. Your greedyness to get your site to the top has not gone unoticed by many. Your only hurting your site and yourself. Not to mention also the woman that dont want to see that. But I guess you dont care about them either. It's obvious this is about JIM and not others. I have to admit I asked Johnny T to remove the cheaters list. I am now sorry as hell I asked him to that. Because more people need to see who the biggest cheaters are. You are definatly at the top of the list somewhere. Not only that the list of cheaters was put there to stop them from doing this. You have no respect for the top100 or you would quit. You dont even care if people think you cheat. And thats sad. And also I have seen hardcore mopars site banner. And at least her tit isnt hanging out all over and you can see who she is. You depend on just the tit shot which really says alot.. SAD,SAD,SAD.. Im sure you have something to say back .feel free to treat me as you do the rest of the people here.


My Reply:

To whoever it may concern:
I received your e-mail message and I want to respond to give you a piece of my mind.  First about the "tits" issue, I have had a request from Johnny T and I will be removing the banner, and drawing up a new one.  You are the first person that has ever written to me concerning, this, and accusing me of cheating.  I don't have the time to get on the computer as much as I would like, and therefore I check the 100 Mopar Sites as much as possible, which is only about once a week.  I am not the one cheating, because I do respect the Top 100 Mopar Sites, as they are my biggest contributor in terms of hits.  I don't know who is cheating, and would like to find out.  Because I have always respected that site and would never do anything to damage it.
Also, I do believe I can make the top 50 with or without the "tits" on my banner, you will see that after hopefully today when I get the new banner up on the Top 100 Mopar sites, as well as my site.
So "Administration"  my banner will be replace by another, hopefully I can still stay in the top 5.  Once again I am pissed that you accuse me of cheating because that is not the way I mosey about doing things in this world.  I hope you can reconsider you thoughts and your e-mail, and continue browsing thought the Top 100 Mopar sites at your convenience, just like I do.
I'm sorry for your disappointment, and just felt like writing back, to give you a piece of my mind.
- Jim McCarthy
- IM's: ctrebel9