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Hub Setup Shit

DC++ Homepage

Here is all the info you need to set up DC++. This site in no way condones downloading copyrighted material.

1. First go to the link provided above and download the newest version of DC++. You want the (Installer) version.

2. Run the installer to set up the program

3. Open up DC++

4. Go to File, Settings... and fill out the following fields:
----GENERAL: Nick - enter a nickname
----DOWNLOADS: Default Download Directory - Browse... to find the folder you want your downloads to go to.
----SHARING: This is where you Add Folders to share. You need to share at least 2 GB. Click Add Folder and add any media folders you have, including music, movies, pictures, game and software installers, etc. You also want to make sure to share the folder you set as your Default Download Directory.
----What not to share: WINDOWS, Program Files, My Documents, and other useless folders.

5. Once you have enough shared, click OK and allow the program time to hash all of your material. This may take a few minutes.

6. Click the Gold Star icon.
----Click the New... button towards the bottom of the page.
----Fill out the following fields:
--------Name: Put in what you want to name the hub here
--------Address: Put in the hub address
--------Password: If you have a password to log in, put it here.
----Hit OK
----Check the box next to the new hub name.

7. Close out the program and restart DC++.