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Southington Screenplay

The Characters

Dan Opperman

Dan is the main star of the movie "Southington." He plays a jewish comic store owner. In the movie, many characters revolve around Dan's part. Some of his characteristics are: a hippie shirt, kakai shorts, old school Converse all-stars.

Steve Sardo

Steve is Dan's co-worker in the movie. He is slightly hippie, and smokes pot. Some of his characteristics are: he is overweight, he has to have slightly long messed up hair (any color), and his beard has to be growing in as if he forgot to shave it, or just doesn't care.

The Comic Rat

The Comic Rat is an annoying, scrawny, young kid at the age of about eleven to twelve. Some of his characteristics are: he has slightly short, spiked blonde hair; a Jar-Jar Binks t-shirt; short shorts; and small, dirty, white Nike shoes.

Scott Burglesten

Scott is a past nerd that comes back for his revenge on "Dan." Some of his characteristics are: he has huge glasses, short hair, a tucked in shirt, and tight pants.


Buck is Steve's pot smoking friend. He hangs out with Steve for the magority of the movie.

Jimil Opperman

Jimil is Dan Opperman's retarded brother. Some of his characteristics are denim suspender pants & more.


Pete is another one of Steve friends. Pete is put on a mission to save the day.

Extra Characters

Girl On Bike

There is a scene where Pete steals a little girls bike in order to make it to his destination faster.

Cat Kid

There is a scene in the movie were a kid asks Steve to help get his cat down from a tree.

Kid With Comic

There is a scene in the movie where a kid comes down to the comic store and asks if Dan can put his comic on the comic rack.

Special Education Feild-Trip Worker

There is a scene in the movie where a retarded child (Eddie) comes down to the comic shop, and then the worker helps him out.

Peeing Customer

There is a scene in the movie where someone comes down to the comic shop and asks to use the bathroom. Dan then says that he can only use the bathroom if he buys something.


Eddie is a mentally chalenged kid that quickly visits the comic shop.

Man In Shower

There is a quick scene in the morning where Dan Opperman is taking a shower, and there is a stranger standing next to him.

Parts Where Extras Will Be Needed

The Scott Burglesten flashback scene to 1992 needs atleast 10 other kids, besides Scott and Dan. These kids will be circleing around Dan beating up Scott. They will also have to laugh at Scott and dress like there in the 90's.

Note To Cast and Crew:
Before I write the Script for the movie "Southington," I figured maybe I should write a short paragraph on how I'd like this movie to turn out. Personally, I want this movie to seem more like a normal movie about this guys life than a movie with constant slapstick jokes. Most of the jokes in this movie should be more unnoticable and suttle, but at the same time very obnoxious. I wrote a script to this movie to hopefully make it have a better flow and order, but I want there to be room for improvisation. With this behind us, here's the script to the movie, "Southington."


By Andrew Costa
Directed By Andrew Costa & Scott Gordon

Saturday, July 6th, 2003
Southington, Connecticut

NOISE: Alarm Clock Going Off

FADE IN, INT., DANís Bedroom; "Parent's Basement," Early Morning

The screen fades into a shot of an alarm clock which reads 5:03am. The scene then pans to the left revealing a more circular alarm clock that has wires protruding from it going into a potato on a small stand. There are a few scattered bear bottles and 80ís Rock CDs (Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister) on the table along with the alarm clocks.

The camera keeps panning to the left, showing our main character DAN lying on a bed next to a fan which is blowing strings that look like theyíve been taken from cassette tapes. Danís bedroom is full of comic-book and music memorabilia (posters, toys, comic boxes, ectÖ). Dan has a thin sheet on him, and his head is on a flat, overused pillow with mustard stains on it. Dan lives in his parents basement.

He then wakes up. His eyes are stapled shut and he rubs them, trying to wake up faster. His eyes finally open but very slowly, as if he is irritated by the light. His hand makes itís way to the alarm clock, shutting it off.

Once he makes his way out of the sheet he was sleeping in, you notice that he slept with his shirt on but no shorts, just brief underwear. He is also wearing only one tall sock on his right foot.

He then stands up and walks away from his bed. He makes his way to a couch nearby the bed where his friend/co-worker (STEVE) is sleeping. On Steveís blanket there is a bag of Layís potato chips scattered on his sleeping chest. Dan tries to wake Steve up.

Steve, wake up.

(Steve wakes up immediately, as if he was waiting for Dan.)

Talkiní to me, b*tch?

Yah, you gotta get upÖ itís time for work.

I donít have to be in Ďtil eleven.

Yah but, I donít see why I have to get up on a Saturday morning to open a comic store that you own... especially since I let you sleep here every night. Don't you have a house?

Hey, look who's talking: Mr. Still-lives-in-his-parents-basement.

(Dan puts his hand on Steve's lower legs and pushes them up, making enough room for Dan to sit.)
Move your feet.

There is a small table in front of the couch Dan and Steve are sitting on. There is a Super Nintendo video game system on that table along with a box of "Life" cereal next to a used ceral bowl. Dan grabs a very old Super Nintendo controller and pushes a button on the system to make it start. There are video game noises in the background. Steve then revolts by slighty moaning and pushing his legs at Dan's sitting body. Dan looks over to Steve:

Steve, wake up! I'm playing "Yoshi's Island." Grab a controller.

Steve then sits up, very tired and irritated looking. The chips then fall off him, onto the floor and his lap. His hair is messed up. He grabs a controller and starts a conversation.

(Slightly laughing) Yoshi's Island, Dan, your becoming more of a wuss everyday I know you. Whatever happened to you playing Mortal Combat 24/7?

I stoped playing that the day COMIC-RATT beat my record. Now I'm more into the classic video games. Yah know, like 80's stuff.

(Slightly Mad)
How dare you deny Mortal Combat it's justified right to be labeled a classic?!? You make me sick. (beat) Wait... Comic-Ratt? That eleven year old innefectual P-G rated comic wiz on a powertrip beat you in a game of Mortal f*cking Combat?

Yah, and he's coming back today... and every Saterday for that matter.

While their conversation (above) is going on, Dan pours some "Life" cereal into the bowl on the table in front of them. Dan then reaches for the refrigerator.

The next shot is taken from the inside of a closed refrigerator. The door then swings open, and Dan grabs and grabs a quart of Milk. He then shakes the milk and realizes it is clumpy and old. He makes a grossed out face. He puts the well-expired milk back and grabs a can of "Chubby Cola" (A drink that will appear throught the movie). He unscrews the cap and pours it into the "Life" ridden cereal bowl. He then proceeds to eat it while Steve starts a new conversation:

So, what's your agenda today?

I dunno yet, but I'm sure yours includes drying weed, arriving at work late, and stealing dirty magazines from Peturzis' Market.

(Dan starts to put his shorts and shoes on.)

(Lifting finger up to prove point.)
You know, it's actually quite funny you should bring that up. Yesterday, me and Buck...

Dont care.

Dan then finishes putting his shorts on. He quickly looks across the floor for his shoes and finds his pair of dirty, old school, black Converse All Stars. He puts them on both his feet, including the sockless, left foot.

Well, I best be getting to work now. I'll see you in a few hours.

See ya.

Dan then grabs a few comics off his table (possibly to read at work). He walks up his basement stairs (which are actually located fairly close to where Steve and Dan were sitting), and out his basement door.

INT., Dan's Upper House, Early Morning Look

The basement door of Dan's house opens up and Dan walks out. We hear a noise of a fosset running, and the camera pans over to Dan's mom washing dishes. She looks over to see what's behind her and she shuts the running water off as soon as she sees Dan.

Dan's Mom:
Top of the morning to you honey! I made you a bagged-lunch on the kitchen table.

Thanks, mom.

Dan's Mom:
Did Steven stay over again last night?

Yah, he's downstairs.

Dan walks over to the kitchen table, picks up a traditional-looking brown paper bagged-lunch (which he holds in the opposite hand of his comics), and almost makes it out the door when...

Dan's Mom:
Dan, don't you want your kiss on the cheek before you head off to work?

(Very dramactic. Dubbed in deep studly voice. Acting "Too Cool For School.")
Mom, I'm too old for kisses... remember?
(As if he told her before.)

Dan's mom nods (like "oh, I see"). Dan then walks out the door.

TRANSITION EFFECT: The inside scene seems to fade to a scene from outside of Dan walking out the door. I want to use the transition effect that makes it seem like for a second or two, to shots are comined together at the same time.

EXT., The Outside Of Dan's House, Sunny, Summer-Morning Look, SOUNDTRACK: Thursday, "Standing On The Edge Of Summer"

This scene just quickly shows Dan walk out of his house door and past the camara. It then shows Dan walk through a broken fence and into another yard. Then it shows him walking through some woods. After that, he walks by a tree and up a small hill (Bill's Yard). It then shows him walk past Peturzis' Market, and then It shows Dan climb out of a dumpster and past his friend Then he goes through an empty drive-in theatre. The empty drive-in theatre scene is taken in a still-shot form with a huge drive-in theatre screen behind Dan, who is walking. The next scene shows Dan walking around a corner near his work, and then walking in the door. The store sign reads "Steve's Comics."

Fading Soundtrack.

TRANSITION EFFECT: Same Transition Effect From Above

INT., Steve's Comics, Bright Early Morning.

We see Dan open the main door of the comic store, put a door stump in to keep it open, and then he turns the lights on. He then walks over to his desk and puts a few things down that he has been carrying with him to work. Right away the phone starts ringing:

NOISE: Ringing Phone

Hello, Steve's Comics, how may we brighten your day? (pause) Uh, we close at eight. (pause) Listen Chiko, Eight! (pause) I dunno, he usually wears pants. Listen, I gotta go! (Hangs up phone)

Dan sighs. He then picks up the comics he put down, quickly looks through them, and makes his way over to a shelve of comic boxes.

Kid With Comic:
Hello, uh... do you work here?

In a way.

Kid With Comic:
Uh, Okay. Anyway, you guys have a real kicka*s store here. There's no other place in town with this superb variety in funny-books.

He starts to unzip his backpack. He then pulls out a homemade comic-book in a shiny plastic bag.

Kid With Comic:
And I was hoping, maybe you can put a comic book I made (hands Dan the comic book) up on the July releases shelve.

The kid points over to the July releases shelve, which displays comics. Dan is looking at the comic.

Kid With Comic:
I think you might like it. It's called "Dyno-Tron," (mentally searching for a refernece) and it's like Godzilla meets Transformers.

You got it kid!

Kid With Comic:
Really? Aw, thanks man!

The kid then turns away and runs happily out of the comic store. Dan then briefly looks at the comic again, and then without a second thought, tosses it into the trash. If it is possible, the inside of the garbage can then bursts into flames.

Quick Transitional Effect Along With Brief Soundtrack

EXT., The Outside Of Dan's House, Sunny Morning Look

INT., Dan's Basement, Morning Time

Steve is alone in the basement smoking a blunt and watching TV. His feet are places on magazines on the small table in front of him along side the Super Nintendo video game system and a dirty cereal bowl.

Steve then looks over to a small cage which holds a Guinea Pig. Steve takes his feet off the table, puts out his weed in an ashtray, stands up, and makes his way over to Dan's pet.

Yes Daniel, that's right... I remeber the day, all the way back in Middle School, 1993

The scene starts a transition effect that shows that we are flashing back. The first thing we see is a very scared looking Scott walking behind his school. The bottom of the screen reads:

May 10th, 1993
Recess Time
Southington Middle School

Suddenly we see Dan's group of friends appear behind Scott. Dan is in front of his group of "bad boys" dressed in 90's clothing. Scott looks slightly behind him, and then he starts walking faster.

After every insult Dan says, Dan's group of friends slightly laugh.
Hey poindexter, where you runnin' to you little baby? Your mommy?

Scott continues walking faster, and he looks more scared than before.

Why are you so scared? Did your mommy forget to change your diaper?

Scott spins around to look at Dan and his group. Scott is trying to stand up for himself.

D*mnit Dan, I've had enough of your ill-mannered insults, and I want it to stop today!

What's this? Gurber baby is standing up for himself? Aw, how cute. (Dan walks closer to Scott, putting there faces nearly together.)

Dan then pushes Scott over on the ground. Scott hits the ground hard. All Dan's friends circle around Scott in a tradition playground fight look. All Dan's friends are screaming with excitement.

You messed with the wrong hunk!

Kid From Dan's Gang #1:
Get him!

Kid From Dan's Gang #2:
Yah, f*ck him up!

Zagnuts, Moonpies, Candy Lips, Candy Fangs, Astro Pops, BB Bats, Candy Cigarettes... Real Cigarettes