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One out of ten families own more than one automobile.
    Would you like a job that is as diverse as it is challenging? Jobs in the automotive service and repair industry demand technical expertise combined with strong interpersonal skills. In the Automotive Technology Program at the Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage, you will learn eight diverse areas of the automotive industry such as engine repair, engine performance, electrical systems, transmissions, brakes, heating and air conditioning. Instructors with over 20 years experience will help you earn your ASE certification.

     With nine out of ten families owning more than one automobile, there will always be a need for a certified automotive professional. Recent graduates from our Automotive Technology program now work for successful companies such as Lexus, Ford, and General Motors.

     If you like working with automobiles, interacting with people and solving technical problems, talk to your high school counselor today about getting on the road to your Automotive Technology Career.




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