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Clan Destroy n Defend Tournament schedule on February 22nd 2003.

-- This is at 3pm Eastern Time .
-- This is a public Tourney which is a 2vs2 single elimination on the map Lost Temple.

-- Replays must be shown so that the tourney is hack free.

-- Sign up in the DnD Forum(under RubY Productions) to enter the tourney with your partner's information also.

-- The bracket will be up two days before the event takes place.

-- Winner gets two cd keys per player.

Gamble Tournament is on February 23, 2003.

--This tourney is the same as mention above but both players must give one key each and winner takes all the keys.

-- Also replays must be given in to determine if anyone has been cheated on.

-- If so that person is out of any other future tourneys for the next 2 tourneys after.

-- This is also going to be Lost Temple but the OB version with myself and other clan allies watching that have no relation to the players to prevent cheating.

-- Also to sign up go to the forums with your and your partner's information and specify which tourney you are taking participation in.