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  :: Posted By:Ruby[DnD]

Great People that i know

*Schyler* Ur Bringin My Son to My Games Ryte? LoL Ur Too fun to be wit Wun
*Agnes* WaT Da Deal Wit U? Well I still trust u wit all my life lol WuN
*Ashanti* Damn Girl u be one kool down ass tyte bitch to hang and talk with HoLLa luv ya
*Bonnie* Girl ur da best thought we had our times its all great luv ya
*Vittoria* LoL Lately we been hittin it up da roof LaTeR WuN
*Brittany R.* Girl my website is da best admit it now !!!
*Brittany S.* I am Mad lol still didnt answer but its all great
*Amy* "Fightin is Always Fun" lol dat was some tyte shit i did lol.
*Abby* Wat be New with school? AyT HoLLa Atcha Boy
*Sasha* Girl Should of been with you from da start Too many playa's out dere luv ya thuggette lol
*Christina* Yes Ur In school Ain't it Torture
*Ta Naia* Juss Tell the truth bout Anthony U know u start out to really luv dat nigga
*Patricia* Lately its my fault we haven't been talkin but its all great still got luv fo ya HoLLa P.S. I still think ur older den 13
*Erika* When U Comin Up Hea Girl? lol HoLLa wUn LuV ya
*Heather* Played Ja Fool lol So wats new lol "bitchy"
*Stephani* Girl Too bad we didn't get out dat day to go to da mall o wellz Holla Luv
*Kathy* Damn Girl you too much of a good Girl Wheres ur Bad girl in you?
*Brianna* Wats new wit ur man lol Sooo Wat Y'all been up to "white girl from ohio" nah jokin
*Jenn* Da Clan is uptyte where would we be without you *lol "somewhere"*
-Chris- NiGGa woopz wi99a lol is some up tyte shit wit da clan keep up da good work
-Christian- Yo have Fun At Florida nigga
-Diego- Yo nigga Finally you came back done with your summer reading homework yet? Lets Play Ball Soon
-Richard- Lets Game More Often and Basketball to come with us to da projekts to Shoot Hoops
-Ronald- happy u got ur cd? lol damn da bowlin shit was soo funny lol u sure got ur revenge
If you wanna be added juss holla at me and tell me

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