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Clan Rules

1. If in clan, you must be on clan tag at all times in the channel.

2. No warring with any other clan unless advised by the General.

3. Must obey every order by a higher rank *including in games*

4. Must have respect in channel.
5. NO ONE gets access to DnD- unless given to by the General.

6. All members must be sponsered by 2 people currently in the clan. (invite only)

7. ALL MEMBERS must sign forum with name/rank to be on the site and daily news.

8. ALL MEMBERS must be on a 2 week basis or else demotion / getting kick out of clan might take place.

9. ALL Leaders n Co-Leaders must be active every 2 days or else demotion might take place.

10. Any rank higher then colonel can vote the General off duty . * the vote must be 100 percent*

11. All members must have Name[DnD] to be in the home channel.

12. All bot masters must give me , Ruby[DnD] (aka RubY.) , full access yet otherwise banned from channel.

13. NO Clan Duelin/Jumpin without General's permission.

14. Only Colonel and higher ranks get access to OPS BoT of DnD channels.