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Ey yo its Ruby[DnD] herre like the new looks for the site. to me it looks TYTE as hell. Well I updated site a lot and changed couple rules. The Tourney is rescheduled for December 1st, 2002. The tourny shall be Pacific time zone: 11am , Central time zone: 12pm , Eastern time zone: 1pm and time: 6pm Also all members must sign guestbook and add their new tag Name[DnD].

Meeting on November 30, 2002 at 3pm Eastern time. All squad leaders must be there.


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Stunned Goku :: DBZ Submited by Anime Dreamz

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Welcome to Clan DnD Website

Clan Destroy n Defend Dark Squad and Members and Ranks.

General(Leader of All Squads and Elite Squad)

Lieutenant General(Squad Co-Leader)
None Currently

Major General(Squad 2nd Co-Leader)
None Currently

Brigadier General
None Currently

None Currently

Lieutenant Colonel
None Currently

None Currently

None Currently

First Lieutenant
None Currently

Second Lieutenant
None Currently

Chief Master Sergeant
None Currently

Senior Master Sergeant
None Currently

Master Sergeant
None Currently

Technical Sergeant
None Currently

Staff Sergeant
None Currently

None Currently

Senior Private
None Currently

Private First Class
None Currently


Your Clan Leader,
Webmaster - Ruby[DnD]

Updated last November 28,2002