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Dark Legion

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Posted By: Monoxide Date: 6/29/02
Dark Legion is closed for the time being.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/14/02
Today im just making sure everything is running smoothly, I also fixed the bug on the poll so thats working now. Plus I updated the members section and organized all the files, sorta. I will be updating the site more later on.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/12/02
Ok, I put up all the pages and fixed all the links, updated the members section, and added a FFAL script which will allow you to submit your site. Just go to the Add a link thing, you'll figure it out.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/11/02
Sorry for not updating the site in a while, but I have been busy lately and the other admin's that should be helping me out arn't doing shit, so I will update the site tomorrow and I will be adding more files and fixing the links...pretty much everything that isn't working. Plus I fixed up the message board so head on over there and get the place started.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/8/02
Over the last couple days I have done quite alot of work on the site, I got all the pages up but I havent updated the menu so you can't access them right now, I added a form for joining clan members which will make it a shit load easier to join. I added a chat room and some pretty cool CGI shit which you will see within a few days...and if you havent noticed, I tweaked out the layout alittle. I'll be adding more files in a bit, im just alittle hung up in trying to get everything to run correctly.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/5/02
I just added about 40 more files to the Virus section so if your in the mood for pissing someone off, go send them a few of those 0_-

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/5/02
Right now im working on the gaming section and its starting to look pretty good, it doesnt have any information up at this time but you'll like how it looks.

Posted By: Monoxide Date: 5/4/02
Just added a virus section, check it out here, or click on "Viruses" located on the left menu.

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