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~ Cutie Pie Acres Texels ~

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Hello, My name is Jackie. I have been raising guinea pigs since I was little. I had started off in 4-H raising and showing American cavies. While I have not always maintained a show herd of cavies since that time, they have always been a speical part of my life. All "coated out" the Texel cavy is a stunning sight to see, and they have wonderful outgoing personalities that just adds to the beauty of this breed. We Raise Texel Cavies in broken colors, concentrating on agouti, dilute and “rainbow” colors and now we are also going to try for self cavies in black. Texels are a soft, curly long coated breed with calm, and cuddly dispositions. Our Texels are raised in a loving, spoiled and clean environment, each piggie is treated as an individual and provided with the best of care possible. All of our cavies are fed a high quality show diet, ensuring proper amounts of vit. C as well as a balanced 2:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio. They are given free choice grass hay, fresh vegetables, our homemade oat supplement and plenty of fresh clean water available at all times.