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100 Ways you know you're from Connecticut:

1. Going to IHOP at midnight is an acceptable dinner. 2. Your neighbor, their best friend, and their mother in law all drive Jetta’s. 3. 90 percent of the population between 15 and 19 own a car. 4. And 80 percent are SUV’s. 5. You must order DMB tickets 6 months ahead of time even though they’re doing three shows. 6. The “meadows” doesn’t mean a field-type place. 7. unless you live in Coventry 8. You don’t even hear of Coventry until you’ve lived in CT for a good twenty years plus. 9. You thought the only highways are 91 and 84. 10. Your high school rival football game is the event of the month. 11. You own a bikini and snowpants. 12. A trip to Cape Cod is “just another weekend.” 13. You actually think Hartford’s big. 14. It amazes you each and every time you see how small CT looks on a map. 15. And then you look at Rhode Island and laugh. 16. The entire goal of summer is to get a tan that will last through November, at least. 17. The most exciting thing to do is go to the movies, and you even have to go out of town for that. 18. UCONN basketball rules and nobody can tell you elsewise. 19. You think bars are only for those 21 and over. 20. And parties are for those 20 and under. 21. You know what weed is by the third grade. 22. Scratch that, first. 23. You notice each incoming freshman class is getting shorter and shorter. 24. You, your best friend, or your mom has attended UCONN. 25. Your “backup” schools are central, UHA, URI, Northwest, and Eastern. 26. You wonder why everyone calls CT the “rich state.” 27. You complain about the minimum wage being only $6.90 when most states barely break $5 (honest, CT is highest minimum wage in country besides DC). 28. Timbs are meant for both men and women. 29. “word” is an acceptable response. 30. Your home ec./foods teacher is male. 31. Foods is a class offered at your high school. 32. A 3.5 is something to pout about for a week. 33. You cannot pronounce your C’s and T’s. 34. Therefore Connecticut id pronounced ki-nedda-cuh. 35. The word ghetto has at least 20 different meanings, non even near the real one. 36. You can complete the sentence: “Blazin’ 18 ___” 37. Cow Tipping sounds like the greatest field trip ever. 38. You have the need to go on a “roadtrip” but just drive around your town for hours b/c you’re afraid of getting lost. 39. You promise the second you’re 18 it’s out of CT forever, but you end up going to UCONN and living here for the rest of your life. 40. Except for that year you decide to “try out” NYC 41. And get scared and come back. 42. Theatre isn’t just for those in black turtlenecks with coffee mugs. 43. You’ll “settle” for Starbucks. 44. You think you’re the coolest b/c you’re walking around with a coffee mug (filled with hot chocolate). 45. There is about 30 variations of “Park” in the state (road, street, ave, etc.) 46. You hear people moved halfway across the country just to go to your school. 47. Everyone else goes to UCONN for the good education. You go because it’s only $4,000 a year instate. 48. Scratch that, its EDUMACATION not education. 49. Your AP Calculus class is filled with sophomores. 50. Flannel PJ pants are the official attire of midterm/finals week. 51. Midterms don’t exist. They are “midyear assessments”. 52. There are at least 5 coffee shops within a quarter mile of each other. 53. Buckland Hills and Westfarms become your favorite two (well, three) words. 54. You’ve been thrown out of and sworn a life of misery if you ever return from at least three stores by age 14. 55. You own at least 10 hoodies. 56. And wear tanktops under them. (if anything at all). 57. a night of hanging out at the center doing... nothing sounds like the best fun youve had in weeks 58. IM isn’t an extra, it’s a necessity. 59. You (or your girl) has had at least one miscarriage by the time you’re 17. 60. You use the term “mad ghetto.” 61. Half the kids at your school are mad ghetto. 62. Mad is no longer an emotion. 63. It’s called a grinder or sub. 64. “Bradley” is a place you look forward to going. 65. You’ve not only read every Harry Potter book to date, but even reread each numerous times. 66. As well as the movies. 67. You address your friends as “hoe” whether they’re male or female. 68. You park in an illegal spot just so you don’t have to walk. 69. You are overly amused with this number. 70. 104 Fest and Big Day Off are the two best events of the year. 71. You are wearing at least $200 worth of clothing at all times, whether it be an Abercrombie shirt and jeans, or baggy jeans, fubu tshirt, and Timbs. 72. The kids from the “ghetto” wear $80 jeans, $ 30, shirts, Timbs, and seem to have a sweat headband to match every outfit. 73. You have the need to match ALL the time, even when you’re going to bed. 74. You’ve discovered that pre-wrap makes an awesome headband. 75. Bandanas are a fashion statement. 76. You own at least one pair of guy’s pants, no matter what sex you are. 77. Punk underground is underground no more. 78. You know almost as many people that can freestyle as there are in Chicago (or at least they think they can). 79. You have life “so hard” because you have to wait a whole week to get that velour hoodie & pants you wanted. 80. Beer Pong and a Bong are musts at any party. 81. Weed is the drug of choice. 82. Knowing gay or lesbian people is a commonplace. 83. Water bottles are to be filled with vodka. Everyday. 84. You see a Hartford cop walking down the street with a beer in his hand on St. Patricks day. 85. And you then feel the need to yell “Do I smell bacon” at him. 86. Before stealing his beer. 87. You’ve discovered the cup holders at the crown can be moved up to provide, uh, “more space”. 88. And you understood that the crown was a movie theatre from the moment I said it (unless you though supermarket—then you’re from West Hartford). 89. Jay and Silent Bob were the smartest idea since, well, ever. 90. You know what happened on the last episode of real world, road rules, and the challenges. 91. You actually have enough spare time & boredom to have read this far. 92. You use movie lines from mall rats and halfbaked in everyday conversation. 93. You start conversations with random people on the street on a regular basis. 94. And half those people pretend you’re not even there. 95. You are scared to ride the bus alone unless you live in Hartford. 96. You own a cell phone and have at least one “accessory” for it. 97. GO GIANTS AND PATRIOTS! 98. You’ve seen hockey, basketball, figure skating, and a boat show all at the civic center. 99. Canadians are the silliest invention ever. 100. You have said “THAT’s SO TRUE!” to every other thing on this list. But as much as we dis it, we Connectican’s can stand (uh, short) and proud and say I love CT. Whoops, typo. I mean I LOVE NY!!!!!