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Church Teachers' College               

`                                            Church Teachers' College, 41 Manchester Rd. Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.

How to Apply

Applying at Church Teachers' College is EASY!!

****Application forms are sold at the college in the Student Affairs office at a cost of $120 JA dollars or simply apply via the internet. Application form provided below****


Applying for College,  one must have:

4 CXC subjects at general Proficiency level; grades 1 or 2 including English Language OR.

4 GCE O' level subjects; grades A, B, or C including English Language OR 

4 SSC subjects (National Achievement Level); Range 4 or 5 including English Language OR

A combination of a, b, c above totaling four (4) separate subjects including Language.

Three subjects including English Language at the General Proficiency level, CXC grades 1 or 2 (or GCE O' level Grades A, B, C) and Two subjects at Level 111, CXC (prior to 1998) General Proficiency are accepted.

NB  Students must have passes at the general Proficiency Level, Grades 1 or 2 GCE O' level in their area of specialization.

** A Grade 111 in CXC obtained in 1998 and years following is also accepted as a qualifying grade but not for teaching subjects.

The Teaching Education Programme is a three- year course occupying 2,250 hour of tuition in Credit courses leading to the Diploma in Teaching

See You On Campus !!!

Application Form

Which programme would you like to apply for?

Pre- College     Diploma Diploma by Advance Diploma by Credit

Application Form:

First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
City/ State
Postal Code
Email Address
Home Number
Work Number
Fax Number
****************** CXC/GCE Passes and Range For Diploma / Pre College  Applicants  
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 4
Subject 5
****************** CXC/GCE Passes and A level Passes Range For Diploma by Advance  Applicants  
Subject 1       'A' Level Subject 1 
Subject 2       'A' Level Subject 2 
Subject 3       'A' Level Subject 3 
Subject 4       'A' Level Subject 4 
Subject 5       'A' Level Subject 5 
Qualification For Diploma by Credit  Applicants 
Make any additional comment if needed:

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