Just some tips to remember when you go to your next WWE event...

1)When you finally find an empty parking space (which would've probably taken forever), and all of a sudden, someone runs to the parking space to save it for their car, of course don't let them get it. But if it gets to the point where you guys are arguing and are about to get into a physical fight, let them have it....but then key their car afterwards. (Thanks to Uncle Lou for this one!)

2) When you're waiting in line to get into the arena, don't talk to strangers. For sure they're gonna try to get in line with you and cut in front of all those people. You wouldn't want a couple hundred people pissed at you now would you?

3) At the T-shirt stands, don't wait in line at the back. Come up to the front at the side. You'll be next.

4) If the T-shirt stands outside and on the 1st floor are too crowded, go up to the T-shirt stands on the 2nd and/or 3rd floors. But don't tell anyone...

5) If your seats are up in the nosebleed area, and you wanna be closer, here's what you guys have to do. First, someone has to act like they're about to faint. Go up to one of the ushers and ask if they could seat you somewhere closer. This only works with 2 people. Maybe 3. If you have more people than that, do it in pairs with different ushers.

6) If you can't see anything because of someone's stupid sign, grab some napkins at the concession stands, wet them, roll them up in balls, and throw it at the sign just enough so that the person will eventually put it down. Of course, make sure you have your friends watching security.

7) Warn people around you if you'll be screaming all night.

8) During the dark matches is a good time to buy some food. Make sure you buy enough that'll last you throughout the show, or else you're screwed.

9) Buy all your merchandise BEFORE the show. After the show? Forget it! Once you see the lines you'll know what I mean.

10) If you're looking forward to meeting your favorite wrestlers from the show, quickly leave your seat right after their match ends. Go outside to the back of the arena, where there's a little driveway that leads into the underground garage. For sure you'll see someone there.

11) At the end of the last match, once that bell rings, it's time to leave, that is - if you wanna get out of the parking lot fast! If you stay until absolutely everything is over, you'll be stuck in the parking lot for about 30-45 minutes.