who do u think makes a better tag team partner wit jeff . LIta ,Rey,Matt,Shane ,or Shannon
Matt, considering the history these two brothers had as a tag team. But other than Matt, I think Shannon would make a great tag team partner for Jeff.

Does Rey run his own site?
Not by himself, he has some help from the most awesome people. Visit TeamMysterio.com

Does Shane have any kids?

WHen will Lita return to the ring? Will she win the Women's Championship again?
According to a recent Ross Report, she's due in May 2003. Hopefully she'l make it earlier than that. I certainly hope she'll win the Women's Championship again.

Are there any Mysterio decals on sale anywhere?
Not that I know of. They used to sell them @ TeamMysterio.com but they ran out quick!

How many capes does Shane have?
Just that one he wears every time he goes out to the ring.

Who sings the song on Jeff's Desire video?
The song is called "Not Enough" by Our Lady Peace

Is Jeff the only one out of the "Angels" to have a Desire video?
Matt had one by Monster Magnet. Rey's had some tribute videos and also a Anthology cut special, and so has Shane. Lita and Shannon haven't had any tribute videos yet.