What kind of house does Jeff Hardy live in?
You decide, here's a pic:

How old was Rey when he started wrestling?

Where can I find AIM icons of Rey Rey?
Try MaskedMysterio.com

Why does Victoria look familiar??
She used to be one of Godfather's Ho's along with Mandy in late 2000.

How old is Victoria?
I believe she's in her early 30's, maybe 31.

Is Trish really Canadian?

Is Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman really engaged?
Uh huh.

Does Lita like how Matt is acting nowadays???
She LOVES it!

What's Lita's natural hair color?

How tall is The Hurricane?


Does Rey go online?
Only to update his site.

This question is dedicated to Jaimee...


Where does Shannon and Shane live?
Somewhere in NC...not sure what city though...

What does Jeff think of Nidia?
I haven't heard him say anything about her, but considering the fact that they've met at least twice, I guess he's alright with her.

Does Shane collect anything?
Comic books!!!!

Where does Rey's official site process?
Anaheim, CA.

Are Shane and Billy Kidman related?

Do you have pictures of Matt's or Lita's house?
Unfortunately I don't, but there's some footage of Lita's house in her dvd "It Just Feels Right".

Which Divas are taller than Lita?
Stacy, Torrie, Victoria, and Dawn Marie.

Who would Jeff wanna face next?
I'd say Jericho, but character-wise, I'm not sure where he's going due to the amount of heat he's gained from management for constantly being late to shows.

Are you looking for people to help with your site?
Yes, I am considering having people contribute to the site if they like. But I will post up a notice soon. I am also considering changing the name of the site.

Where did Shannon go???
He's been on Velocity for a while. Keep in mind he's getting married VERY VERY soon! That might take him out for a week or two.

Do you see Lita, Matt, Jeff, Shane, Rey, and Shannon forming some type of faction in the near future?
Now won't I be a happy bastard! I hope so. But it probably won't happen if ever, in the near future considering Lita's still injured and Jeff and Shane are on RAW while Matt, Shannon, and Rey are on SmackDown.

Which Diva would Jeff like to hook up with?
I don't know, but he has said in the past that he thinks Trish is hot...

Are VIctoria and Lita related?

So Rey's dad's name is Rey Mysterio?
Actually, Rey's uncle is Rey Mysterio.

I heard Shane has kids! Is this true?
I don't think he has time to even find a wife due to his busy schedule. After all, he is super-hero.

Did Matt and Lita get married yet??
I know, I'm waiting for that to happen too! No word yet! I'll keep ya posted!

Do Matt , Lita and Jeff still talk after their break up of Team Extreme?
Of course, they love each other...

Are Matt and Lita really together?
I say YES....but I could be wrong...

Does Amy have a 1 story or 2 story house?
1 story...it's a long cabin like house.

How long have Matt and Amy known each other?
I'm guessing around 7-8 years.

Do you think Amy and Mr. Hardy (Gil ) get along?