Does Matt, Lita, or Jeff cuss?
Don't we all?

Has Jeff won every single title there is in the WWE?
Not all of them. He still needs to win the undisputed title. As for the cruiserweight belt, you can say he's already won it since it's considered as a replacement for the light heavyweight belt.

Why didn't they put Lita with Jeff instead of Matt?
The writers felt Matt would match up with her better than Jeff. Plus, Matt and Lita have had their "past", and Jeff said it himself that the first time they met her, she and Matt both hit it off really well.

What tv shows have Matt, Jeff, and Lita done?
Lita was on "Dark Angel", and the Hardys were on "That 70's Show" a few years ago.

Does Jeff still wear his navel ring?
Ok I've gotten several emails from fans about this. Some went to live events and saw that he still had it on. Some went to live events and saw that he had taken it out. So I guess the answer is...sometimes.

Did Jeff go to college?
Nope, he went straight into wrestling.

Does Rey Mysterio have his own site?
Yup, it's

Now that Matt is on Smackdown, do you think that Lita will go to Smackdown or Raw? Also, do you think that Lita will turn heel?
It'll depend on if they will even have the roster split by the time she gets back. But if they do, I'd expect her to be with Matt on SmackDown and also be a heel. She has said in the past that she would love to be a heel again.

Will Matt and Lita be living together once Matt's house is finished?
Well considering all the "We" stuff that Lita mentioned in a certain interview, (and I think most fans know which interview I'm talking about) I do believe they will live together.

Is Ivory married?

Are Lita's parents divorced? She never mentioned her father in her home video.
Yes, they are divorced.

Do you have videos of Jeff singing?
No, but there is footage of Lita's birthday on her home video and you can hear Jeff singing Happy Birthday, along with Shannon and Shane.

Is it true Rey Mysterio is a dad?
Yup, he is the proud father of a baby girl named Aalyah.

What's Matt Hardy's new hand symbol?
Take the old Hardy hand symbol, stick out the pinkie finger, and hold the "ring" finger with your thumb and there ya go! Matt Hardy ~ Version 1!

What colors has Jeff used on his hair so far?
Every color of the rainbow I believe...

How many times have Matt and Lita kissed on tv?
I lost count.

Did Jeff and Beth breakup?
I have a feeling they did, but I can't confirm anything yet. In a recent interview, Jeff was asked if he was single, and his reply was "I don't know, am I?", so take it however you want.

Does Rey Mysterio have any outside interest in other women outside of his marriage?Like for instance Torrie Wilson?
I doubt he has interest in other women, but I do believe he finds women like Torrie Wilson attractive. I just don't think anything could develop between the two other than friendship.

How many kids does Rey Mysterio have?
He has a son, Dominique, and a baby daughter, Aalyah.

How do you pronounce Rey's daughter's name?
I believe it's "All-yah", but that's just my opinion.

Did the WWE release Jeff???
No, Jeff has not been released, but he does have some heat with management for being late to shows every now and then.

When the superstars travel do they have to use their own pocket money for food and hotels?
Yes they do, unless it's catered food then no.

Are Rey and Team Xtreme Friends?

Why did Matt and Jeff break up?
They already did everything that a tag team could do, and it was time for both of them to pursue a singles career.

Is Matt Hardy's house done yet??
I don't think so, I haven't heard about it being done yet...