Does Jeff Hardy know Nidia likes him?
Don't we all?

When did Lita first win the women's title and who was it against?
Easy answer, she won it 2 days before my birthday on August 20, 2000 from Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Are there any chances that Jeff might break up with Beth??
I'm pretty sure she's a keeper. I personally think she's a cool individual.

Do you have any information or know any websites about Jeff's band?
Yup! The band's site is finally up! Go visit it at !

Does Lita have any kids?
Nope, she's not even married yet.

Did Lita and Jeff Hardy ever date?

Is Lita good friends with Stephanie McMahon?

Do you know any way that I could get Germany's Power Wrestling Magazine with Jeff on the cover?
Email Eva Marie @ She might have some info. Check out her site here.

You know the Indian Ink that Jeff uses on his arms? Do you know where I can find some?
I'm not sure what brand Jeff uses, but here are 2 sites that have some info: and

When will Lita come back?
I'm taking a shot at April 30, 2003. At least that's when she hopes to come back - a year after her neck surgery.

Is there any way you can get Jeff's email address?
I certainly do not have it, that's for sure. Go to and leave a message in the forum. I'm sure he'll read it!

Is Jeff getting married? Or is he gonna get married?
No, and no.

Do you have any pics of Jeff and Trish together?
Yup, they're all in the Jeff Pics section.

Do you know when jeff's cd is coming out?
I haven't heard anything of it yet, check out the bands official site at

Is the Hardyz or Amy Catholic?
I don't think I've heard any of them confirm their religion. All I can tell you is that Matt said his mother had always gone to church.

Will they show Jeff's house on MTV Cribs?
Now wouldn't that be a great episode! I hope so! But considering his busy schedule, I don't think they'll do it anytime soon...unless MTV gets a whole mess of letters asking them to cover Jeff's house on Cribs!

Is the Rock and Vin Diesel friends?
I'm sure they are!

What kind of grades did Matt, Amy, and Jeff make?
I honestly don't know...But I do know that Amy graduated early.

Does Jeff play do other sports besides wrestling and motorcross?

What's Lita's mother's name?
Same name as her middle name - Christine

What was Matt and Jeff's mother's name?
Her name was Ruby.

What shoes sizes does Matt, Jeff, and Lita wear?
Ok, I'm taking a shot at this. I assume Lita wears size 9, and Matt and Jeff wear size 13.

How old was Jeff when he built his volcano?

Will they show Matt's house on Cribs once it's built?
Maybe. Try watching Confidential. Sometimes they show the homes of the wrestlers. Al Snow's house was shown not too long ago.

What other sports has Amy played?
Soccer, swimming, judo...