Do you know Lita, Matt or Jeff? Are you anyway affiliated with the WWE?
Nope, unfortunately.

Where can I write to Matt or Jeff?
Matt and Jeff Hardy
PO BOX 433
Cameron,NC 28326

How about Lita?
Amy Dumas
PO Box 435
Sanford, NC 27331

Are Matt and Amy dating?
As much as I would LOVE for them to get married, they are not even dating.

Is Jeff still with Beth?
Yep, I haven't heard anything else as of yet.

Who do you think looks better with Lita, Matt or Jeff?
Well, I've always hoped and knew Matt and Lita would get together. I'm glad I was right. Just waiting for it to happen in real life...

How many piercings and tattoos does Lita have?
Lita's got 3 tattoos - on her back: "REBEL" in Russian, on her lip: "PUNK", and the most obviously one of all, the dragon tattoo on her right shoulder. As for the piercings, she's got 2 tongue rings, and both her ears are pierced once.

Does Jeff have his tongue pierced?

Did Jeff get another tattoo that covers his whole right arm and leads to his back???
No, he's just experimenting with some indian paint.

We all know Jeff has his own place. Does Matt live by himself too?
Nope, he's sitll living with his dad, but I know he's building a house right now.

What happened to Matt and Jeff's official site?
Someone hacked it.

Who are Matt, Jeff, and Lita's best friends in the WWF?
Other than each other, Matt: Shane Helms, Jeff: Shannon Moore. As for Lita, I'm guessing it's Trish Stratus. All three are also close friends with Edge & Christian and The Dudleys.

Does Amy have any siblings?
Yup, she's got a brother who's 4 years younger than her named Billy.

You said Lita hurt her neck while on the set of Dark Angel. Is she gonna be on the show and when?
The episode will air on May 3, 2002. Check local listings. Unfortunately, due to the injury, her tv time on that show has been cut short.

Does anyone from Team Extreme or the WWE smoke?
Some have in the past, including Road Dogg, Big Show and Eddie Guerrero. I haven't heard anyone from Team Extreme smoking. I doubt they smoke.

How do you pronounce Jeff's middle name?

How do you pronounce Amy's last name?
DEW-MAH (the S is silent).

What's this I hear about footage of Team Extreme on a WWF CD-ROM in the Triple H Magazine?
Well, there is a CD-ROM that came with the Triple H special edition magazine a couple months ago. Bios and pictures of Team Extreme are on there, as well as video footage of them in NY's Trash & Vaudeville. If you have the Extreme Magazine, it's basically footage of them in those clothes, playing around. Funny stuff!

When's Lita coming back???
Sometime around WMX9. It might take longer than that, as Benoit was expected to be back at WMX8 from his May 2001 injury.

Are Matt and Lita dating NOW?
I THINK SO!! I've read that they care about each other a lot, and when asked about the new house Matt's building, Lita said something like "WE need a garbage disposal". She said "WE". That kinda tells me they're going to live together. We just have to wait and see.

What kind of earrings does Jeff wear?
They're not actually earrings, more like belly rings and/or eyebrow rings.

Does Jeff play in a band? He was playing the guitar on Raw.
Yup he does. He's in a band called Pure Oxygen with upcoming WE star Shannon Moore.

How many pets does Matt, Jeff, and Lita have?
Jeff: 3 - prairie dog named Witty, iguana named Zeus, and a boxer named Liger. Lita: 1 - a doberman named Cody. Matt: none.

Has Lita gone under the knife?
I've heard about it, and unfortunately, I think she did get implants. I know Molly, Stacy, Jazz and Lilian Garcia are the only Divas that haven't gone under the knife.

Was that Beth in the "It Just Feels Right" video next to Jeff at the beginning of the Home Video clips?
Yup! That's her! The one and only!