Extreme stomach virus, but Matt Hardy wrestles anyway

by Phil Speer @ WWE.com

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Two days after his match with Jeff Hardy at Vengeance, Matt Hardy confessed: he was in no shape to wrestle; he should have been in bed all day.

But, as a World Wrestling Federation Superstar, he didn't have that luxury.

"You can't do it," he said. "It's an advertised match on Pay-Per-View."

So Matt stepped into the ring against his brother in spite of the fact that Matt had a serious stomach virus. He had vomited seven times at the San Jose Airport after the Federation live event there Saturday afternoon. He hadn't ate or slept.

Anyone who has ever had a stomach virus knows it's no fun.

He gutted it out. On Monday, he wasn't feeling much better, but he nonetheless competed in a tag team match against Jeff and Lita.

It has been uphill ever since. Matt was spotted backstage Tuesday at the SmackDown! taping with a plate of food in his hand. He still wasn't 100 percent, but his appetite was back. He wrestled again Tuesday night, taking on Bradshaw.

The good news was that he could return home the next day, rest and recover, right? Nope. Along with Jeff, Lita and three other superstars, Matt was part of the Federation's contingent that taped a celebrity edition of "Fear Factor" on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He'll get one day at home before heading to Lafayette, La., to kick off four days of television tapings next week.

Hopefully he'll be completely healthy by then. Although four days of televised events isn't as difficult as a stomach virus, it puts a physical and mental strain on even the most healthy superstars.