Matt Hardy: 'No complications' for Lita

by Phil Speer at

GLASGOW, Scotland - May 2, 2002 - Matt Hardy arrived here this morning having had very little sleep over the last few days, and with a lot on his mind.

"Right now is the busiest time in my life," Matt told 90 minutes before the live events at the SECC Arena.

Matt is building a house, trying to find time to help write on the Hardy Boyz autobiography and working a full-time schedule with the World Wrestling Federation. But the most important concern for Matt right now is his girlfriend and best friend, Lita.

Lita had surgery Tuesday morning in San Antonio, Texas, to fuse the C6 and C7 vertebrae in her neck. The surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Youngblood, has performed similar procedures on Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Benoit and Rhyno.

"The doctor said her surgery went as good as it could have - no complications," Matt said.

Youngblood said it would take three to four months before Lita could resume training, and a full year before she could get back in the ring.

But it could have been a lot worse. Youngblood determined that he could operate from the front of Lita's neck. If he would have had to make an incision in the back, it would have been a more expansive and painful procedure.

Youngblood took part of her hipbone and used it to fuse the vertebrae. As was the case with Benoit, Lita said after surgery that her hip area was hurting the most - and that's good news, because her neck was causing her such excruciating pain since she broke it in early April while guest starring on FOX's "Dark Angel."

Matt said that Lita's surgery took three and a half hours and was done by the early afternoon. Lita’s mother joined Matt at the hospital to support her, and they got to see her at about 1:30.

Lita was on medication for the remainder of the day, but by Wednesday, she was already walking around. She had heard that Benoit climbed some steps the day after his surgery, so she did the same thing.

"She was trying to compete with him," Matt said with a smile.

She also ate some solid food on Wednesday, which is rare for someone so soon after surgery. Youngblood reported that she's already way ahead of schedule.

Matt said Lita was frightened before the operation - fear of the unknown, because she's never had a major surgery before. Afterwards, she was relieved and was in good spirits.

"She thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was," he said.

She's due to return to her home in North Carolina tomorrow.

Matt said that Stone Cold Steve Austin, Debra, Michael Hayes, Vince McMahon and "too many people to name" called to check on Lita and wish her well. Scotty 2 Hotty, who is scheduled to undergo surgery with Youngblood next week, also called.

Matt missed this past Monday's RAW, and Wednesday's show in Cologne, Germany, to be with his girlfriend. He got a few hours of sleep on the plane, and a few more after arriving at his hotel here today at 10 a.m.

"It's been a pretty long day," he said.

But he said he was ready to wrestle the next three days on the international tour. He was also no doubt feeling better because every superstar passed by to offer support.

While Matt doesn't know how he's going to find time to work on his autobiography, he jokes that he's suddenly found a new helper for his house. While she recovers in North Carolina, Lita can also oversea the project, he said.

"I'm going to put her in charge," Matt said. "She's the foreman."