Lita on "The Sun"


LITA is one of the hottest properties in the world of wrestling.

The WWF Diva visited the UK to promote the Royal Rumble which is being shown live on Sky Box Office on Sunday, January 20 at 1am.

She spoke to the LilsBoys for a long time, on many different topics, in order to answer the questions sent in by YOU, the SunSport Online readers.

To read exactly what the lovely Lita has to say about the the proposed split of the WWF into two companies, women's wrestling, the rumours surrounding her current break from from action and much more then read on.


Do you ever get scared by the moves you perform in the ring or when you are watching Matt & Jeff wrestle? Some of the things the three of you do are amazing and I hope you are around for a long time.

None of the things I ever do scare me because I know what I am doing. When I watch the guys they'll scare me. They are trained and know what they are doing just like I am trained. But if I am doing it myself then I can tell myself that I am going to be fine. I worry about them because I can't control what I watch.

You played a heel role in ECW. Do you have any desire to go back to the dark side in the WWF?

Yeah I would love to go back to being a heel one day. I didn't really know anything about how to be a heel when I was in ECW. I didn't know that I wanted them to chant 'She's a crack whore' and those sort of chants. I didn't know about anything like that. I would love to be given that opportunity again one day in the future.

I am having fun right now as a face, but that would be equally fun but in a completely different way. It is like being given a new job.

How do you think that the women's division can develop more intense and interesting feuds?

I think the WWF have been doing a good job with the women's division since bringing the title back. Also I like what they have done this time with saving the match between Jazz and Trish until the (Royal Rumble) PPV but still having a women's wrestling match of some sort on the show almost every time. It may not be for the title but it is always a legitimate match.

The WWF has several talented females (Molly Holly, Jackie, Jazz etc) but still decides to show wet t-shirt contests, egg nog/evening gown/lingerie matches etc. Does this bother you?

The T&A matches are funny and they are entertaining to watch. When they throw that in there every now again that is fine and everyone enjoys it. But, a while back, when that was the only type of thing we were seeing, it got frustrating. When the crowd starts to think that is what women's wrestling is all about, that is when it starts to become a problem.

Did you ever think that you would become such a superstar in the WWF when you first started out?

No not at all. I didn't think much about it and before I knew it I had gained a lot of success. I think that helped. I was just so happy to be there, I wasn't worried about being a big superstar, I was just happy to hang out with those guys.

What do you consider the high and low points of your career so far?

The high point is definitely winning the Women's title. I also loved being involved in WrestleMania 17, that was my first WrestleMania. The low point was when I got powerbombed and I injured my shoulder blade and collarbone. It was the first time that I was really hurting and something that took a while to heal.

What are your thoughts on Matt & Jeff's match at Vengeance? Some people have said it was a bad match because it wasn't highflying. However, I thought it was very clever that Matt tried to stop Jeff doing the highflying moves - it kept the match in line with the story! (i.e. Jeff's big bump cost them at Survivor series). Do you think that the storyline was too clever for today's fans?

That match, if it were two other people, would have been a great match. The fans just didn't want to see Matt and Jeff Hardy fight each other. If that match was Edge and Christian, a team that fans did want to see break up, then it would have been considered a great match and people across the board would have liked it.

The fact is that people didn't want to see Matt and Jeff fight at all, but then they thought, well if they are going to fight then I at least want to see them flying around. So much time had been devoted to the story. For them to go out there and throw themselves around wouldn't have a made an ounce of sense and negated everything we had been doing for the previous two months of build up.

Can you clear up some of the recent rumours supposedly indicating that you and the Hardy Boyz have been suspended?

I would like to point out that the rumour is completely false. I don't know where these rumours came from, as it has actually been a blessing. It's the first time we have had a break and the timing couldn't have been better.

We had talked to the creative team about how to split Team Extreme in some capacity. Whether it would be me and Matt who stayed together, or me and Jeff together. They didn't know which direction it was going to go. And based on the PPV match it was so obvious that the fans didn't want us to break up. Even as much as Matt was teasing a heel turn the fans still didn't want to boo him, they just didn't want Matt and Jeff to split.

What with that and the Undertaker's new heel turn it just made sense. Taker needed to start kicking some ass. The way we did it left it open ended, Matt came to the defence of me and Jeff. The idea is to let the people forget about the trouble between the Hardys and kick off the Undertaker's new heel turn.

It was also done to give us a break. The guys had been on the road three years straight and I had been on the road two years straight. We'll come back refreshed and ready for action.

Will Team Extreme come back reunited and will you all be good guys?

We will be. I don't know how long it will last. But I think we are definitely going to come back having resolved our problems and ready to go. It will be the same three people that you remember but we will be a little reinvented and a little fresher. We are not sure but it is possible that the guys might be back for the Royal Rumble. If not then we will back really soon afterwards.

There was an infamous post on your personal website,, saying that you had been punished for 'standing up for yourselves'. Can you elaborate on this?

I don't really have any association with, or input into, that website. I did not make any such statement. I do not speak to the girl that runs the site. I would like to make this clear.

I met the girl who does the site ages ago and she asked to have the official Amy Dumas website. I have no input into it. And I have always told her that I give all my official information to the WWF. I said that if you want to have a site where fans can find out more about Lita then you can collect the information from them and have a collrabotive site.

She gets stuff from newsboards and other (non-WWF) sites. It was obviously somehow taken out of context from another newsboard and was posted that it was my 'official statement' from my site. It really got blown out of proportion. It is just completely false.

What was what like being on the Weakest Link with Britain's Anne Robinson? How do you rate your performance?

She is not scary, she is very dry and obviously that is her shtick. It was fun interacting with my co-workers in a different way to usual. When it comes to a trivial game like that I am not competitive so I wasn't worried about looking stupid. I think I actually stayed in there longer than I should have. I skated by somehow; I should have been eliminated a lot sooner than I was.

If you were not a WWF Superstar, what job would you like to have and what do you think you would be doing?

I don't know what other job I would be doing. I think I would be trying to get into the WWF.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I would love to still be with the WWF. I would like to be the head of some kind of women's stable. They keep talking, and they have for years, about Shawn Michaels coming back to the WWF and setting up a stable of young up and coming talent. I would like to see that and I would also like to do something like that myself in 10 years time.

What's the worst injury you have had in wrestling and how did you get it? Do WWF stars tend to work through injuries?

The injury I talked about earlier, but even with that I was so lucky. It was more scary than anything else. It was just something I had to take it easy on, I couldn't wrestle immediately but I could still stay active and be on TV.

A lot of guys wrestle through injuries. I don't think anyone from the time they start with the WWF is ever 100%. You are used to feeling like that.

Is it true that you and Matt Hardy are a couple off as well as on screen? Does Matt get jealous of all the attention you get?

No, me and Matt are not dating. We are around each other all the time and all three of us are very supportive. People always ask if we are jealous but the three of us have a great relationship and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. I think that is why the chemistry works on the screen and in the ring.

Do you get mobbed when you walk up the street and if so, how do you feel about it?

More often than not. It can be OK if I am by myself. If I am with any of the other superstars then we will usually get recognized. You get pretty used to it, most people are just fans and are curious, they are not rude.

You are over here to promote the Royal Rumble. Who is your tip to win?

I would love to see Stone Cold win it. I like the anti-training regime that Steve has, drinking beer to train for the rumble is funny and I would like to see it pay off.

But it would also be good to see Hunter win as he has just come back. I like what they are doing with HHH; I can't really read him and what he is thinking.

There has been a lot of criticism about the rumble as it the first time that the WWF have charged UK fans to watch a US event. There has even been talk of a boycott. What are your feelings on this?

I think it is ridiculous to boycott. You can either pay to watch it or just not see it. It is such a great PPV, it is personally one of my favourites right next to WrestleMania. The PPV version will be live and uncut. I can see the point if you are not used to paying for it but I can't see why you would want to cheat yourself out of such a great event.

Who else would you like to manage? Is it true you might be managing RVD in the near future?

If it is then I don't know anything about it. I would like to work with Edge. He is doing real good on his own, I like his character a lot.

We have just completed the biggest mainstream wrestling poll ever here in the UK. Can we have your votes please for - best wrestler of the year, best newcomer to the WWF, best British wrestler, best feud, memorable moment of 2001?

Best wrestler for 2001 - Kurt Angle

Best newcomer to the WWF - RVD

Best British wrestler - William Regal, I don't really know many others

Best Feud - Steve Austin v Triple H

Memorable Moment - I'm still thinking for 2001. For the year before it was definately the moment in the cage match at Unforgiven when the Hardy Boyz feet touch the ground and they became the WWF tag team champions.

A lot of independent wrestlers are getting rave reviews at the moment. Guys like Loki have been on WWF Metal a lot. Christopher Daniels and Britain's Jody Fleisch are also very popular. Most of them are smaller than the WWF are used to. Do you think that they have a chance to make it big?

I think that once, hopefully, the companies eventually split, they will re-introduce the cruiserweight division. When WCW was at their height, the cruiserweights were something that was a big selling point for them.

I would to love see Loki in the WWF, I am really impressed with his work. Christopher Daniels as well. I do think that they should be given a chance. Someone like Loki lives in the New York area and every time we are up there they bring him in. We have so many guys on the roster that they wouldn't spend time bringing someone who they weren't interested in. I would love to see those guys get a shot. Especially right now as they are working so hard without any incentive.

Do you have any information about plans to split the WWF and former WCW back into two companies? Would you like to see this happen?

I am hoping that this will happen. We keep hearing about this and it doesn't happen. I am hoping that they are just waiting for the right time to split and making sure that everything is right. We really need to be separate with two companies fully using all the talent that we have under contract. From what I have heard it will be two separate and equal companies. The analogy I have heard is that it will be like the NFL and AFL in American Football with WrestleMania becoming wrestling's Superbowl.