Lita On Piledriver (12/21/01)

credit to: Jenny from

*When asked what Lita's most embarrassing moment in the ring was, she said it has to be when she went to throw Jeff Hardy in to the ring, this is when she was with Essa Rios, she fell and came out of her top. This was at a Smackdown taping so it was edited out but she said that like eight guys were screaming, "We just saw your boobs!!"

*How does it feel to know that tens of thousands of guys have a poster of you, in a bikini, on their walls?

Lita: I really don't think about it, except when the fans bring posters for her to sign and she can see the tape at the top of the corners where they took them off the wall for me to sign.

*How do you feel about the DVD you have out?

Lita: I am really happy with it. I am really happy that people get to see that side of me. I am really excited that it came out.

*So, when are you going to dump Matt?

Lita: It's kind of at that "final straw" point, at that "one more chance" point. It's hard man, we've been together for a while now. I think that maybe I am in denial, maybe he is not really being a jerk and he is just having a bad day.

*How does this new angle play into you and the Hardy Boyz relationship outside of the ring?

Lita: It's weird! It would be weird even if we weren't good friends. I haven't really thought about what it would be like to walk down the ramp without the Hardy Boyz, if or when that day comes, when Team Xtreme is no longer.

*Is there any diva right now whose ass you want to kick?

Lita: I have been so wrapped up in this Hardy Boyz, Team Xtreme angle that I have been slacking off. Trish does have the Women's title right now. I don't have any personal issues with her but she would you be on the top of my list just because she has the Women's title.

*When asked about the Hurricarana and if they have to practice it. Lita says that it is not an exact science, I turn around and if they are not there, I tell them to come closer and before I know it, I jump on them and flip them. I have fallen on my head twice in one night. It is hard to do it to the big guys, like Kane.