Interview w/ Lita - Recap

Here are highlights from the "No Holds Barred" interview with Lita from You can listen to it here.

- Lita talks about the current Matt vs. Jeff Hardy feud.

- Lita gets scared watching Jeff take some of the bumps he takes. Sometimes she doesn't think he is getting up.

- Lita and Matt are not dating in "real life" it was just their characters that were dating. Both Lita and Matt are single.

- What Lita likes in guys... they have to have a good impression on her and they don't have much time to do it cause she is always on the move traveling.

- Lita enjoyed her ECW days, wishes she could have made more of an impact.

- Lita had fun in her feuds with Trish and Dean Malenko. Dean is amazing. She thought his last angle with the women was cool.

- Lita plays the base, she just got a new base a few weeks ago. She wants to work on an entrance theme someday.

- Linkin Park is one of Lita's favorite groups to listen to.

- The worst part about working for the WWF is the traveling. She likes actually being in different cities but not what it takes to get to each one.

- The fans help Lita get through matches. Once she hears them she gets motivated. Lita talks about how physically demanding the job is.

- Lita plays the "name association game." She has some good answers. One of the best was calling Stephanie a "Billion Dollar Bitch."