Lita on Byte This! - September 6, 2002

Kevin Kelly and Dr Tom Prichard welcome Lita to the show.

KK and Dr Tom ask her about her neck and how she's feeling as she says she's feeling "as good as a girl can feel for having her neck broken in April". lol. She says that she doesn't have to wear her neck brace at all anymore, she hasn't had to wear it for about a week, two at the most. She said her neck is feeling okay at first she was worrie d about getting her brace off incase her neck started hurting her again and she called the brace her 'security blanket'.

Recently, she has tried sewing to keep her busy, but she hated it and joked that she "threw the sewing machine out the window after about a week". She isn't able to work out properly at the minute; all she can really do is walk on the treadmill. She also talked about volunteering at the animal shelters and said she's having fun doing it.

She talked about how a lot of the other guys who have had serious injuries have been able to spend time with their families when they were at home recovering, but she said her only family are on the road.

She has got a lot of cards, letters, etc from fans recently. She said she has got really touching cards from people who have had multiple surgeries and from people who are in wheelchairs for their entire lives and it made her realise that she is lucky that s he can make a full recovery.

She was on the road recently with Matt for the show at 'The Garden' and for anyone who has been at The Garden, they will know that to get into the arena, you go through a tunnel of fans, and when she was going through they all started chanting 'Lita', which she said she hasn't heard since her surgery and it was really good to hear it again, especially now, because she knows the chants start from what she did in the ring and since she is unable to do that now, they are chanting to show their support for her as a person.

KK then asked her what she thinks about Matt and Jeff going their separate ways.

She said she thinks Mattitude is great and that it was the right time for the Hardyz to split. She thinks the last time they tried to split the three of them up last December didn't work because they were fighting against each other and that's what the fans didn't like; they don't mind watching Matt and Jeff fight their own battles, just not against each other. She likes the fact that they are on separate shows, doing their own thing but she says that they are still brothers and they are still the Hardy Boyz at home.

They then talk about getting addicted to shopping online and on TV while out with injuries but Lita said she thinks that would be a bad thing for her and its not going to happen. However, she does say that she once bought the internal antennae for the phone off of TV, and jokes that it was completely useless and makes no difference.

About Raw... She said that she was surprised that they just handed the world title to Tripe H this week; she thought they would have a match for it instead of just choosing someone to give it to.

She really loved Rey Mysterio's debut on Smackdown a while back and she said it was "inspiring". She said she sometimes looses sight of her ring retu rn as she doesn't want to dwell on it because she knows it is still so far away. She also said that she loves the cruiserweight matches in WWE at the minute, she compared them to the way they used to be when WCW when hot.

They talked about The Hurricane and Shannon Moore for a while and she said that Shannon works out in the same gym that she works out in, well the same gym that she walks on the treadmill in. She also added that when they are home, they will sometimes go out for dinner together.

KK asked her about Essa Rios and if she has been in touch with him recently. She said that she hasn't spoken to him in a while but she thinks he is still wrestling in Mexico. She would love to see what Essa could do in WWE now that the cruiserweight division is so strong and she would like to see what him and Rey could do as a team. She adds that he is a great guy and that she doesn't have a bad word to say about him.

She has been thinking she may slightly change her character a bit for when she comes back but said that if she does change it, there will be no major changes, just a few smaller ones. She won't say what she may change because she is still thinking about it and she also wants it to be a surprise.

She added that wants to be in great shape when she returns, she realises now what a luxury it is to be able to go and bust a sweat in the gym, and she misses being able to do that.

Raw magazine... Kevin Kelly tells us that Lita is going to be in the new edition of Raw magazine, which has Kurt Angle on the cover, and it includes a story on her. He says that he doesn't think she has ever looked better than she does in the black and white pictures in the magazine. Lita says that they took the photos at the show in Greensboro, NC, and added that she just wore what she has been wearing that night and she didn't even do her hair, bu t she was pleased with the way they turned out.

They then talked about photo shoots... Lita said that they use the same group of photographers most of the time so they have all became very comfortable with each other and each others styles for the photos. She said she prefers to do her own thing while they are shooting, she just hangs out when they are taking photos of her and she thinks they come out better than way. She also added that there are some pictures of her from the Bahamas that were never released and Kevin said that he would try to get them put up on so that fans had new pictures of her to look at. She said that would be great.

They talked about how well the WWE had handled the return of Kane and built it up so much that they think he is a bigger star now than he was before he left. Lita said that her and Kane had actually went to the doctors together about their injuries, and the he told them th at would both be fine, even though after they went for second opinions they both needed surgery.

She said that she feels like she has aged 10 years in the past 4 months.

They then talked about when she won the WWE Women's Title from Stephanie. Lita said that she was happy they had that opportunity and that Stephanie had been very nervous before that match because she badly wanted to prove to the fans that she could stick it out in the ring and actually do a bit of wrestling. She also added that Vince had been nervous that night as well, because he was worried that she might get hurt.

Lita said her most vivid memories are firstly, winning the women's title, she said it has definitely been the biggest highlight of her career. She also mentioned Summerslam 2000, saying that it felt great to be the first girl, to be involved somewhere in a TLC match. She talked about TLC 2 at Wrestlemania x7 aswell, saying that she loved the run-in segments in that match. She also added that the crowd had been really on fire that night, and there is no other feeling like that.

She said that she can't wait to get back in the ring and she has been counting down to her return in weeks, because that way it doesn't seem to be as far away.

They talked about the Internet Babe Of The Year 2002 competition going on at the minute and Lita thinks she has a handicap in the contest as she is unable to be properly involved with the WWE at the minute, and she jokes that she will go for it in 2003. Kevin Kelly tells her that she breezed through the opening round, taking a massive 95% of the votes and Lita thanks the fans for not forgetting about her.

They finish off the show by showing Lita's women's title win against Stephanie McMahon.

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